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  1. Hi Mario! Long time fan from Indiana who absolutely adores you... My husband took me to Paris in June (I finally graduated college at 35 years of age!) which was my first foray into Europe. Now, I desperately want to go to Italy. As I rifle through the guidebooks, I am totally overwhelmed...In which region should I start? I want the phenomenal Italian food experience (plus see a few sites!) Any suggestions for the first-time American tourist to Italy? Thanks for reading my post. I am honored to be in your (web) presence. Melanie Douglas
  2. Hi Alton, Long time fan from Indiana here. I am 35 and I am contemplating a career change. Do you think that it is too late to go to cooking school? I've always loved food and cooking. I am very motivated and willing to work the long hours. Do you think it would be advisable to chase this new career or stick to my original *boring* plan of going to law school? Thanks! Mel
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