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  1. I have a theory that chicken chops are indigenous to Malaysia I have never found a chicken chop in the UK or Europe Much less anything like the Hainanese chicken chops they sell in Seremban Or near UOB bank in KL city centre
  2. I would say that sambal belacan is Malaysian, but it's quite difficult to draw a hard line between Malaysia and Indonesia, given the amount of shared history and movement of people and goods throughout the region. But that's ultimately my point: Malaysia and Malaysian cuisine are a product of the meeting of diverse influences. Malaysian cuisine is an example of a spectacularly successful fusion of cuisines. And that's why Roti Canai, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and Kangkung Belacan are all Malaysian. I know a Singaporean who would argue with you over that claim... or is Singapore just getting lumped into Malaysia (hee hee)? Which of those dishes are not Malaysian, as far as a Singaporean is concerned? And since you brought it up, are there any Singaporean dishes which are uniquely Singaporean and not served in Johor? Singaporean char kuay teow is Singaporean. I don't think they serve it sweet in Johor. Is chwee kueh Singaporean as well?
  3. Brilliant! Thanks shiewie - that's probably the one. I'm headed there on my next trip home... Nowadays they consist of 2 weeks of rushing around Malaysia eating 6 meals a day
  4. durian... hard to get it by irate landlords here i once had to get the carpet cleaned in my apartment when i moved out - because the smell of durian had seeped in. nowadays i buy it in chinatown, head straight for a park and eat it there and then.
  5. While we're reminiscing about Malaysian food Can anyone confirm that there is a restaurant in Kemaman that serves baked crabs? I remember going... must be around 15 or 20 years ago now If someone can hunt me up the address I'd be extremely grateful
  6. I know what tang hoon is, and I agree - worm-like is stretching it It fits the "pearl" description rather well though Last time I was back... probably a year or so ago I haven't lived in Malaysia for around 10 years now, but I return to see the parents every once in a while And to stock up on necessities like belacan and cincakluk
  7. Lovely stuff, tempoyak Along with cincakluk But my landlady screamed at me the last time she smelt durian in the house, so there's no chance of me making tempoyak.
  8. Tang hoon by any chance? Crystal noodles over here in London I think. I can't think of a favourite Malaysian dish - it's been a while since I last went back to the motherland They're all my favourites But if pushed to choose - my usual breakfast 2 dhosai, coconut chutney, onion sambal, dry lamb curry
  9. Someone I know just likes to play with her food. She eats pizza topping but not the crust. And the batter off a fried steak. Someone else I know eats nothing but meat and some form of carbohydrate. When he went to Italy, he subsisted on spaghetti bolognese, no cheese. And he came back and complained that people in Italy weren't very friendly.
  10. In my experience an ingredient needs to be cooked right before you can eat it. Tripe, for example, is delicious Oporto style - I guzzled buckets of it in Portugal. Curry runs the gamut from mild to super hot and from varied cuisines, so there's bound to be one that suits Sea cucumber are the most sluglike creature I can think of (excepting slugs) and are absolutely delicious stewed
  11. The Four Seasons on Bayswater Road reportedly has the finest Chinese roast duck outside Hong Kong. Dinner there has never cost me more than £20 with multiple dishes and beers. A plate of duck rice with tea will set you back £6.
  12. Cafe Japan (Finchley Rd, nearest tube Golders Green) is my local Japanese, and the unaju there is the finest I have tried so far. Black cod in miso for a third of the price of Nobu - what more can you ask for? I find their chirashi a good deal as well - Lunchtime weekends it's just a tenner. The only problem is their very short opening hours - 6-10 Wednesday to Sunday, plus 12-2 Saturdays and Sundays. It's better than Ikkyu and cheaper than Kikuchi. I haven't yet tried Sushi Say or Defune, so I can't compare, but Cafe Japan has been voted best Japanese restaurant in London for years.
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