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  1. Dark meat chicken. I hate it. It's slimy, fatty and makes me gag.
  2. Hello, Mario. It's so exciting to have you here! How do you handle being a celebrity chef? I'm sure it has its ups and downs, and I'm wondering if it's as spectacular as it seems to be. You have a world famous restaurant, TV shows, you're a star on Iron Chef, etc. How do you handle it all? Michele
  3. Hello, Mr. Macguire, My daughter is interested in becoming a pastry chef, but from what we've been told, it's one of the most difficult fields to get started in, and even more difficult to stay in. Do you have any suggestions to get her started? Should she go immediately into a good culinary school, or would she benefit more from gaining some experience somewhere? Thanks! Michele
  4. Hi AB, Will you be in Texas any time in the near future? I missed you when you were in the Austin area last year (and kicked myself because of it) and would love to meet you. Thanks.
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