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  1. We left Stamford about 6 years ago but find ourselves stopping in occasionally. We used to enjoy Kam Pei for Asian food. Haven't been recently. It's on High Ridge near where it meets Long Ridge. Our new discovery for quick, good eats as we pass through town is Layla on High Ridge near Turn of River hardware. Really good, fresh Middle Eastern. What happened to Acropolis? I noticed it had closed on my last trip through downtown. Finally, GoFer, an ice cream place on High Ridge (also near Turn of River hardware) has very good ice cream - much better than Cold Stone which is further north on High Ridge.
  2. anyone notice that Virginia looks alot like Candace from Top Chef?
  3. Any thoughts on Sam's Place? We're coming to the area next month for the weekend and my husband dug this place up. He knows I like both middle eastern food and gelato!
  4. Garrison's Chocolates is located on Hope St. near Lauriston (next to the CVS) on the East Side.
  5. When I was in Philadelphia in May, the staff at Capogiro told me they were hoping to open in NY soon - probably in the Union Square area. This place will give Il Lab a run for it's money. Not only because of their quality and flavor selection but location and hours. As for traditional ice cream - I vote for Emack and Bolio's. Both Cold Stone and Maggie Moo's turned me off and the last time I was at Mary's Dairy, the ice cream had all crystallized - it must've melted and been refrozen. It certainly never should have been served! I've also had problems at Cones with the consistency of their quality.
  6. Ate Saturday night at Ploes (33-04 Broadway). Food was delicious. Had only mezes but the entrees going by looked and smelled great.
  7. I'm going to be in Amsterdam at the end of April for 10 days. Any recommendations on places to eat? I'd like some nice places as well as good, cheap eats.
  8. Thanks for all the choices. The hummus at Hummus Place on St. Marks is great. Do you know if Holy Land or any of the places in Brooklyn make their own Labneh? I don't want to buy pre-packaged.
  9. I just returned from the Israel and I'm on a mission to find some of my favorite foods. Does anyone know a grocery (preferably in Manhattan) where I can find homemade labneh and hummus, fresh baked pitas and a snack food called "kabukim" in Hebrew? These are peanuts that are fried (I think) in a thick crust. Highly addictive! Thanks
  10. Try Epicureo. It's highly recommended and my meal there in March was fantastic!
  11. A fudgsicle is great when I'm in NY, but Del's is the best! It's my first stop when I get to RI.
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