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  1. If you're in Sheffield, try Moran's on the south side. It's rather lovely. The GFG gives it a 5 I believe. That's if you live in Sheff. If you're just visiting, they're closed for their hols. Silversmiths (which was on Ramsay's restaurant rescue) is also a very nice bistro. didn't like Milestone much, but then that whole Ramsay Favourites thing was generally a bit rubbish.
  2. Was at the Fev Arms last weekend. Good food (including an excellent Rabbbit Raviolus), but, woah, is it expensive Need to do The Star before small child stops us
  3. Oh come on Bertie, you cannot be serious...Shakespeare it is not but the criticisms were pretty mild..and as for pedantic and over written,check out AA Gill and Mr Coren or the King of Pomposity himself, the one and only Jay Rayner. I wasn't talking about the level of criticism. Indeed, it IS very mild. So mild, in fact, that one wonders why the criticisms were made at all. However, the blog is appallingly written. Mostly grammatically correct, but empty, tedious, long-winded, and making Michael Winner appear shy and humble. I don't agree with much of what Gill says, but he's wonderful to read. We live in a world where more people want to write books than regularly read them. Blogs like this show why that is so wrong. Most people should have their fingers broken rather than being allowed anywhere near a pen or keyboard. And, after reading a few of their reviews, they come across as so whiningly self-important that I seriously doubt the original claims about the phone call. Interesting that the general feeling on this thread is abut 70% (though lessening) in sympathy with the bloggers. The tide on The Guardian thread is about 98% against them. The view of food obsessives vs the view of the real (okay, Guardianista) world?
  4. Maybe he called to complain about the appalling way the original review was written. It's so pedantic and over-written as to come across as a spoof. It's odd how bloggers and tweeters act all surprised when companies actually contact them (or respond to blog-posts) to counter arguments. Used to be commmon practice in a place where I worked that negative letters in the press would be followed by a visit to the complainer in person. Which was always fun.
  5. Its better to go the other way. Remember watching the '97 election results by a pool in La Jolla. The Portillo moment was mid-afternoon so we had plenty of time to drink the place dry in celebration...
  6. Sure the whole last few days of posts will get taken down as its too argumentative for the mods, but just wanted to say this is one of the greatest paragraphs I've seen on eG. Tom Wolfe come back to life (yes, I know he's still physically alive you literalists, but he hasn't written anything good since '79, so is dead to me). Reminiscent of the Guardian's best OBO rants... THis is me *doff* taking my hat off to you Jamsie (but why did you apologize over the majority thing when you were right?) Good writing, like good food, is about beauty, not sense.
  7. If they got the service a little better, they should be rising two (or do I mean rising one...anyway 1 1/2); but the service does let the place down. Probably would have got the two if Mr Wignall hadn't left on cooking alone. Now, all they need to do is get in a proper Maitre' D and some serving people who speak English, and they'll be sorted...
  8. You assume correctly. Lunch might have to stop at sometime during the heaviest work, and that's all. And I am no longer involved (except as a customer)
  9. We talked long and hard about whether The Modern (with which, from midnight tonight, I am no longer involved) should attempt to be the St John's of the north as it were. And, frankly, we wimped out. Just not convinced the market would stand it from an unknown team. With R O-B's reputation and following, though, its possible. If the money works out, and he doesn't get distracted.
  10. Rudding Park Hotel, where of course the Clocktower restaurant is based,is the best hotel in the country, and ranked sixth in the world according to Tripadvisor’s analysis of guest feedback comments on its website. http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2010/jan/20/tripadvisor-london-hotels A very very strange list! Some serviced accommodation in Newcastle coming out ahead of Seaham Hall, for instance, in the nor'east.
  11. Cue collective in-drawing of breath from the many around these tables that I have led astray...
  12. I eat there often. Drum and Monkey a shadow of its former self. Sasso still top notch Italian (4 or 5 in the GFG)
  13. Well, I don't know how many people from here were at your meal to comment on its quality but the two or three meals I've had at L'Enclume over the last year have definitely NOT been of two-star standard. Its too variable, he suffers from constant changing of the menu (and from ROgan and Co now) and if the Michelin inspector gets one of his bizarre choices (I shall never recover from venison and banana as a main), he's lucky not to get stripped down entirely. Oh and the service is either snooty (sommelier), incomprehensible (Eastern Europeans) or very good. Inconsistent again.
  14. Yeah, hefty finance, but arguments going on Piazza by Anthony's with a new Bib too, so he's got Bibs for that and Flannels. No Bibs in Manchester is actually more shocking to me than no stars. SUrely This n That should get one? And White BUll in Ribchester lost their Bib
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