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  1. Oh thats too bad! I've only used the beef bisto so this is good to know!
  2. Thanks Shelby I LOVE reading these glimpses in your life!!!!
  3. Mmmpomps

    Dinner 2018

    Dinner at my Niece's ; Flank steak, salad with blue cheese dressing and twice baked decadent spuds truffle oil, heavy whipping cream...I stopped her there and asked for another one LOL
  4. Instant pot beans with pesto and Greek lemon chicken...I ended up cooking the beans 50 mins to get them nice and soft.
  5. Instant Pot eggies with butter and pumpernickel and rye bread...comfort food.
  6. Here is a whole bulb done with pork , it really is quite delicious.
  7. I often add whole garlic bulbs to the Instant Pot. I'd say it makes it smooth, not quite as sweet as oven roasted but still very good. It also flavours whats in my pot too.
  8. Mmmpomps

    Dinner 2018

    Just me tonight Chicken Caesar Salad!
  9. Instant pot beans with pesto and chicken on pumpernickel rye.
  10. Instant Pot white beans with pesto, chicken with sumac and stir fried garlicky green beans. My white beans need to cook LONGER. That pesto in fantastic on them!
  11. This is an old standby in the Instant pot perogies, garlic sausage, onions and cabbage. Saute the onions and sausage. Add 2 cups 1 inch chopped cabbage, 1/2 cup of water. Put your trivet on top after spraying with oil. Layer frozen perogies and butter them. They will stick but thats ok this is about diner style taste! Serve with sour cream.
  12. Mmmpomps

    Dinner 2018

    She's not pretty but she's mine! The Man did sous vide pork chops and I did Cuban-esque Instant pot rice and peas. This dinner is just delicious, the flavours are fantastic!
  13. I didn't take offense to the challenge but then I enjoy Top Chef and such. But I really enjoy making a delicious meal and then pricing it when we we eat it. LOL we discuss this while we eat it (not with guests of course) ie: this meal cost 3.75 to make what do you think we'd be marked up in a restaurant? Its a fun game at our dinner table I think the OP had food fun/pleasure in mind when they posted the challenge. But I wouldn't go to the grocery store with five dollars and choose dinner. All the food I buy is earmarked for a few meals. I like challenges where I need to create a meal with what I have currently in the fridge, freezer and pantry and its a great way to reduce the odd items in my pantry. I also find the tools I have chosen for my kitchen leads to using less expensive cuts of meat to make them more tender , flavourful etc. I had a bad experience playing Iron Chef at my home. The Man beat me by 1 point but I stand by the fact his sister was one of two judges
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