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  1. So after working day 6 or 7 days (I've forgotten) and being exhausted, I decided to do delivery for dinner. I really had a craving for Thai. Voila, Urban Thai Bistro delivers and I live about 15 minutes from Yaletown. Perfect! I say to my cat. That was at 7:05pm exactly. It's now 8:35pm and I am F*&C KING pissed!! Still no food!!! I call and they say the delivery guy is going to call me back. As I'm typing, I'm still waiting for the phone to ring. Now, there are certain places where an hour for delivery or takeout is OK. But this is getting a bit out of hand. What would you do? I'm not tipping and will probably phone but let's get some feedback on this. I've never experienced it before...
  2. Honestly guys, I would have gone without food Enjoy your wonderful dinner. I'm sure it will be heaven after lunch.
  3. Ling, I am so with you on the Raincoast crisps. YUMMMM!! In fact dinner last night was the crisps with some french cheese and salami's from Oyama. Heavenly!
  4. I have to agree with Jeffy Boy. If my first visit was bad, then that's it. If it is a subsequent visit, that tends to be another story. One of my favorite restaurants used to be around the corner from my apartment and I used to hang out at the same coffee shop as the owner. Because of that we became friends. After eating there quite frequently I started to notice that on the nights that he wasn't in the restaurant the food and service was terrible. And I did tell him this and I also told him that if he wasn't there I wouldn't be eating in his establishment that night. But I will still go there on a regular basis. Just not on a Monday.
  5. Make sure your Scottish style Black Pudding is my made directly by the butcher you purchased it from (if it's truly authentic the recipe will be someone's grandmother's that's been in the family for a few hundred years). Most of them are buying it from Freybe's now, which means it's a German style and not very good. As for Boudin Noir, have you tried the french deli on Granville Island. I can't remember their name at the moment. (Any help guys)
  6. I had almost forgotten about Weetabix nuked. A guy that I used to live with had that every morning for breakfast. As I was trying to wake up and enjoy my coffee, he was beside me on the couch with a grey mushy bowl of ...Cereal?...wasn't sure what it was at that point, but he swore by it and said it was the best breakfast ever!
  7. I grew up on Oxtail soup and never once had them tough. My grandma always used a pressure cooker and it would go for several hours at a nice simmer. I'd definitely do it low and very very slow. At least 3 hours or longer if you have the time.
  8. I can honestly say that as a child, I refused to eat cereal. I found it too sweet and the chemical aftertaste that it left just turned me off it. I remember my older sister trying to get me to eat it because it was good for me and I always said no thanks and would have a homemade muffin instead. My mom was the same when she was a kid, but now, she will have Raisin Bran almost daily, not for breakfast though, and I really like Good For You Muesli, but only at night and with yogurt not milk. Maybe we're just weird though....
  9. This isn't mine, nor would I try this, but I did find exceptionally odd, and I like odd things. (There's a reason I'm hear) I work in a hospital and we have a cafeteria with a deli. While waiting for my toast, I overheard the order of the gentleman at the deli counter. He asked for a tuna sandwich. Normal right. I looked over and he was also having a heaping scoop of Egg salad placed upon the tuna fish. Ummm...Tuna salad...then Egg salad....with noting separating the two? Seemed a little odd to me...but maybe not.
  10. I had a boyfriend that once requested Mac&Cheese about once a week. Since I got tired of making it all the time, I would make the first batch really really thick and I wouldn't add all the leftover sauce to the pasta. I would freeze what sauce was left over right away. When it came time to make it again, I would place it in a pot and reheat very slowly. If it started to break I would add more milk and whisk furiously. This usually worked and took less time than making it all over again. For leftover's that were pre-mixed, I would actually heat it up in the oven until dry and crispy. Best advice, store separately
  11. peppyre

    Dinner! 2004

    Wednesday night: Hanger Steak(wasn't the real thing ) done a la Les Halles Roasted Cauliflower Pumkin Seed bread with European style butter to mop up sauce from steak. Was sooooo good. I wish I still had the camera. Last night: Halibut crusted with finely chopped lemon rind, fleur de sel, pepper, seared to make it crispy. Dungeness crab and black tiger prawns. All dipped in a Beurre Blanc with White wine and tarragon that I let reduce for almost an hour. It was very tasty. No veggies, I just needed something other than steak for a change.
  12. OK, I have to ask...Who was that guy? The video was brilliant, and I don't recall anyone "bolting". Well, I guess that's what happens when you take a vegetarian to a steak house.
  13. OK...So it was just a skirt steak Neil, I'll take at least 10lbs. The steak was good, but I would expect that a hanger wouldn't be quite as tough as a skirt. I really need to lay off the beef for a while. I haven't eaten in a month and all I've had to eat this week is steak
  14. Aah yes...Good point...Can I say that I'm just having a blonde moment.
  15. Windsor could be a good source for smaller amounts, but let me try it tonight and I'll report back. With a 65lb case, the only suggestion I would have would be splitting it between MANY MANY members and then freezing. Say 10 members taking 6-7lbs each. It's still alot of meat, but if it is something that we can't get fairly easily and it is as good as it is rumoured to be, I'm willing. I know my mom and my dad would also be game. (They both have very large freezers. I don't) **Also, I'm not a big proponent of freezing steak, but if it's done in a deep freeze and it's wrapped well, it tends be OK.**
  16. I think the biggest problem with getting a cut of meat like this has more to do with the market. Vancouver is a very health conscious city with many, many, too many vegetarians. There are very few good butchers left in this city because there just isn't the demand for good meat. Even when I go to pick up a Prime Rib or a T-Bone, I have to get them to cut is specially for me and remind them (especially the young guys) to not trim my steak, and to leave the bone attached. If anyone else had phoned my butcher and asked out of the blue for a hanger, they wouldn't be truly getting a hanger. I know my butcher very well, he knew my dad when he still had his shop, and he remembers my grandpa's shop that was just down the street from where Windsor is now. Vancouver is definitely not a city known for it's meat eaters. Especially ones that like fat!! We do need a meat eaters club. **Oh and "technically" you can't take meat across the border which makes mail order damn near impossible. Unless you have a US home address
  17. OK Guys!! Very Very good news. I just phoned Windsor Meats, my brilliant local butchershop, and he can special order Hanger for us. He said he could probably get his hands on 4-7, depending on the week. He has one in the cooler right now with my name on it....DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT....IT'S MINE!!!!! hehheehee. Guess I know what I'm having for dinner.
  18. peppyre


    I was asking my brother how well these concepts were being received the last time he was in town. He said Publik was OK, but wasn't really doing what they were expecting. They have more hope for OPM and it also looks as thought Vancouver will be getting an OPM soon. He wasn't to sure about Publik. I'm certainly more intriqued after seeing the offerings. I'll have to find out if the prices will be different for the Vancouver market.
  19. Umm...Neil, when did you say this was coming in? Should I make reservations or something? I was actually planning on asking my butcher if he can get this for me, does anyone think it's actually possible?
  20. There actually used to be quite a few butcher's on Hastings. You must remember that at one time that was "The" place to shop in Vancouver. In fact, it was the only place to shop. Around the same time that Save-On-Meats opened up, my Grandpa opened his first butchershop at Hastings and Carrall, pretty much right across the street, and did a booming business. In fact, he opened up 2 more locations. When I used to work in the neighborhood, I would go in their quite frequently and truly, the product is OK, but it's not the best and it's certainly, for what you pay, it isn't the cheapest. Now, the chicken is another story. Great prices and if you want ground, that's the place to get it, but I wouldn't get a steak from there. And really, the neighborhood isn't that bad. I used to work 3 blocks away. There's a reason that people will still drive in from all parts of the city to go to Save-On-Meats. I wouldn't count it out just because the area isn't what it once was. This place, believe it or not, is part of Vancouver's history and it should remain open. I wish our family shops were still around.
  21. Ummm...I did say that my dad was the butcher right? I'm good with a knife, but not that good?
  22. OOOOHHHH!!!! Can we please!!!!!!!????? I used to love freaking people out by telling them I used to play with cows hanging on hooks Interesting....I have a lot of friends that are vegetarians. Of course, they are never invited over for dinner.
  23. It actually took me a few days to recover enough to actually post this photo of breakfast. This was the..um...morning after...3pm....the Vancouver eGullet Big Night Event. Scottish Style sausages, Bacon, Ayreshire Ham, Eggs scrambled in the Ham fat and of course Tater tots thanks to the Tater Tot thread. It was a good night, but boy did I pay.
  24. You mean it's not normal to look at cow in the meadow and actually see the cow roasting on a spit And here I thought I was perfectly normal
  25. As a girl who spent my very early formidable years in a butcher shop, I will jump at the chance to play with a side of beef. I still have a few of my Grandpa's knives from his butchershop that my dad would actually part with. Ooohhhh......the thought of playing with a big side of meat is sooo exciting (Yes, I know, I need to get out more)
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