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  1. Alembic is a style of brewing. I cant' describe it nearly as well as the BC Gelati website, but the flavour is something very unique. I wish the Alembic systems were still for sale. I may have to order one online.
  2. Pure Rose Hip oil. I've just started using it and it is pretty incredible. Otherwise, try and find a balm that has a base of 100% pure beeswax and uses carrier oils like Calendula oil, avacado oil, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, etc. The beeswax will actually protect your hands throughout the day and good cream should not leave them greasy and shouldn't wash off. I don't know any brands because I make my own (Sensitive-paininthe ass skin) I gave up trying to find something in the stores. Good luck!
  3. Alembic!!!! Thank you! I feel ashamed for forgetting the name. Yes, Montrachet and I were waxing poetically about it a few days ago. My favorite coffee. Although, if you've ever met the original owners, there were other reasons
  4. It's strange that I'm going to raise my hand here, but I've been feeling exceptionally adventurous this past month or so and Hell Yeah, I'm in!!
  5. Fist off let me say "I'm sorry". The last potluck lunch that I was invloved in was an engineering company and I was working at the plant at that time. Imagine trying to feed a bunch of mechanics "ethnic" foods. It wasn't pretty. We also didn't have a kitchen. I did a very simple wild rice and bean sald with peppers, carrots, tomatoes, things they would recognize and I lightly dressed it with Balsamic and olive oil. It actually went over quite well, which surprised me. I pretty much just made it for me, so I would have something to chow down on. Good luck!!
  6. When I was a kid, whenever I ate anything, regardless of the type of food, with MSG, I would get the headache, dizziness, swollen feeling. My mom said it was the MSG and that she had the same thing and so did my grandma. When I was 18 I was diaganosed with migraines and one of the first things the Dr told me was to avoid all foods with MSG. If you are prone to migraines then chances are you are sensitive to MSG. It's not an allergy but a sensitivity and it can be quite serious. These days if I have a small amount of MSG in say a bag of chips or some other processed food, I will get a nasty headache. If I have chinese food that is loaded with MSG, within about 15 minutes I have a full blown migraine and half of my body is going numb. I don't think there will ever really be an answer as to why only some people have this reaction and why only after ingesting a large amount of MSG as opposed to a small amount. But sensitivities to MSG are very common, and are known medically to occur and it can be quite serious. I know I kick myself if I eat it because I know what's going to happen. I know better but of course, if something looks soooo good, you're going to eat it anyway. Unfortunately, you can't avoid it, like most things.
  7. and it's much easier to get to with a vehicle.
  8. Bosa on Victoria sells illy for about $13 or $14. I can't remember exactly, but I know it wasn't $17, because I wouldnt' pay that Bosa is actually a great little place for all sorts of things.
  9. I too have spent a drunken evening at Fresgos ingesting the mushroom burger and fries. It was my grad night many years ago and our limo driver pulled up to it, said "Trust me", and we did. Boy was that man full of wisdom!! Best damn burger at 3am. Ling, what were you doing wandering along Davie at 3am? Yes, casual late night eats. Seriously lacking.
  10. Oh no!!! Don't go to Timmy Ho's!!! Quick, we need to find a new bakery. I agree, COBB'S MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!!
  11. peppyre

    The Chipotle Topic

    I puree leftover chipotles and put them in the fridge. They seem to last forever. Leftover tomato paste I put into saran wrap and make a little tomato paste ball and throw it in the freezer. Works beautifully.
  12. I'm of the same mindset. If it tastes OK, smells OK and it's only been a week, I'd eat it.
  13. Fredricos is closed already?! Weren't we just talking about them?
  14. Ling, I am so proud of you for being brave enough to try your first espresso. A double no less!! Brava!! You'll be hooked now and you'll never be able to go back. Welcome!! **edited because apparently I need my espresso
  15. Spatzle - have you tried Katzenjammer Cafe on 10th near UBC? Really, really good. All of their sausages are specially made by Freybe's and everything else is made on site. i was impressed. OF course, I can only eat there once a year when I'm really hungover.
  16. Hawker's is fantastic, in fact that's where I'm eating tonight. But I don't consider a minimum 30 minute wait to be street food. Sure, I wait on the street....still one of the better inexpensive restaurants.
  17. Come on over. I got cookies and I got coffee. oh and the simpsons
  18. Come on Moosh. We know what you're really doing....surfing eGullet until 4am. The coffee is just an excuse BTW...I'm baking all night, so uh, where can I get this coffee again?
  19. To me, it really depends on the money that I am willing to spend. I would gladly spend $300 a head for dinner at Masa, French Laundry, etc., of course, I would much rather have my date spend the money, but I digress..If you truly love food and want a dining experience and you have the money for it, why not. Now, would I spend $300 on a hamburger. No way. What enjoyment would you get get from eating one burger that cost you that much money. Regardless of how much disposable income I have. At one point in my life, I had many an evening of $400++++ meals. This was at a time when I didn't have a lot of money and they were huge treats. Would I do that now....only if it was truly someplace special. I would gladly drop $500+ at West without even thinking twice about it, but honestly, I would much rather go to the local steak house where everybody knows your name. (sorry) When I was in San Francisco a couple of years ago, I really wanted to go to French Laundry and I knew that if I could talk my boyfriend at the time into it I would have been footing the bill for dinner. I didn't care that it would have cost me pretty much my entire budget for trip and it would have been worth every penny. Sure I would have been hitchhiking home, but I would have had an amazing experience. He wouldn't go for it though; one of the many reasons we split up In this city, many people get caught up in the "wow" factor. People will go places for the prestige that is asscociated with it. There are certain friends of mine that do not associate trendy fashionable expensive restaurants with me, yet, I've eaten at some of the best, most expensives restaurants in this city, but that's not why I go. There are people that I know that go out and spend ridiculous amounts of money on food and wine just because they can and it's a status symbol for them. Enjoying an amazing meal in a high-end restaurant is not a status symbol. At the end of the day it's still just a meal. A damn good meal, but a meal nonetheless.
  20. I was just mentioning this stuff on another thread. I was taught to drink espresso by the owner of an italian cafe by my old apartment. When I reached for the sugar he told me no, i had to use his "special" sugar. What he handed me was a little jar with this paste that was light and sticky and smelling of espresso and sugar. I used that to sweeten my espresso and it was the best I had and have ever had. I asked him what was in it and it was simply espresso and brown sugar. He told me it was just used to sweeten your drink instead of adding plain sugar. IT was good. It was really good!! I miss that place (he handed the reigns over to his sister and it was never the same)
  21. Welcome Mangez. Meaningless and silly posts will fit right in with the rest of us. Every other office I've been in, I have been able to get everyone to switch over to my kind of coffee. Now, at the University, there's absolutely no way, so it's down to the cafeteria every morning to get a palatble second cup of coffee, which is usually.....starbucks or Cafe Ami...neither of which are real coffee. I've been meaning to buy a French Press for my office, but everyone thinks I'm nuts in here already, that would just make it worse.
  22. I have posted the link to the article on the Media Forum. Great article Jamie, quite enjoyable.
  23. How an international culinary website—eGullet—changed my life, and how it can change yours. Written by our very own Jamie Maw. A much anticipated article for the Vancouver group and well worth the wait
  24. Behold the Oracle's wisdom: Personality type: Asshat You carry around philosophy books you haven't read and wear trendy wire-rimmed glasses even though you have perfect vision. You've probably added an accent to your name or changed the pronunciation to seem sophisticated. You hang out in coffee shops because you don't have a job because you got your degree in French Poetry. People who drink Triple long espresso are notorious for spouting off angry, liberal opinions about issues they don't understand. Also drinks: Any drink with a foreign name Can also be found at: The other, locally owned coffee shop you claim to like better I find this very timely since we are having a very civilized and philosophical discussion about Vancouver coffee houses over in the Vancouver Forum. Huh...I've never been called an Asshat before, but I think I like it. Of course, I can never order my preferred coffee, a triple long, long, long-just-let-it-run-for-f*&cks-sake-espresso at Starbucks because they are now automated and can only run one espresso shot at a time. Plus, when I ask for said beverage the staff looks at me like I'm speaking in tonques (which I may be doing since this would usually be my first coffee of the day). Unfortunately my local coffee shop is a Starbucks, but I am proud to say I have only set foot in it half a dozen times and I've lived in my neighborhood for 4 years. I make better coffee at home with lights off
  25. OHhhhno Neil, Should we be giving you coffee on Sunday instead of cookies? Seattles Best is OK, but Starbucks?! Ohhhhhh......
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