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  1. A friend from out of town is planning on opening a Spanish restaurant (not in NYC) He is visiting NYC next week to get a sampling of the restaurants for inspiration. I need to narrow down the options to 3 or 4 places. From random internet reading, i have the following list: Alta Casa Mono Socarrat and Nacional Boqueria Txikito Euzkadi Can anyone suggest some other places that are not to be missed? Also, please comment on these.
  2. I'm still trying to figure out what I like, so I like the idea of being able to try a triple ristretto without being self-conscious about trying to pronounce it. I did try Joe the art of coffee yesterday. I used to put one sugar pack in each shot I've had in the past, but I think those days are behind me. Considering the level these guys operate, it seems unnecessary and almost vulgar! Jack's is next...
  3. Greetings, I've only recently become enthused for espresso but after reading this, maybe I haven't really had the experience of a really good shot. Since I've been paying attention, I've only had the espresso at Keste and Morandi. Keste didn't have the bitterness that Morandi typically does and I'm only now realizing that espresso isn't necessarily bitter! So now, I would like to try one of the egullet-approved places. Can someone recommend a place in the West Village ?
  4. shawndo

    Per Se

    Just went to Per Se. Thanks all for the info. I was definitely more confident speaking with the Sommelier. We actually went lower then what you guys recommended and asked for a budget of 100 per person for the wine. We still got Sauternes for the Foi Gras and a great Sancerre and Rhone for the rest of the dishes, as well as an excellent grenache for dessert. I think the main idea is to just decide what you want to spend beforehand (per person) and don't be shy and tell the Sommelier exactly what you're thinking. I also picked up a signed copy of The French Laundry Cookbook that they had on hand there. Great experience!
  5. shawndo

    Per Se

    Wine pricing at both Per Se and The French Laundry is also service compris. ← Now that it is $210, what is the cost of the wine pairing?
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