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  1. Google has a calculator function that can convert many common units of measure. In this example it would work like this: Type in the search bar: 2 deciliters in cups The conversion is given instead of traditional search results. I've found that it recognizes most abbreviations (tsp., tbl., etc...) but dL is not one of them. You have to type out the entire word. Full instructions from Google here.
  2. scd98

    Dinner! 2005

    Lentil soup with leeks and tomatoes. Served with toast.
  3. Hello all. This is my first post so please bear with me. My thanks to eGullet and Steven for creating such a remarkable site and for this interesting class. I used beef short ribs. I braised three samples in three vessels. A Pyrex casserole (#1), an aluminum Dutch oven (no brand visible, a hand me down, #2)), and a disposable aluminum pan (#3). Sample #1 and sample #3 were individually browned in a 12 inch All-Clad MC2 skillet which was deglazed with eGCI beef stock between samples. Sample #1 (Pyrex): 150g 20 min. 153F 50 min. 206F 80 min 207F Sample #2 (Dutch Oven): 122g 20 min. 161F 50 min. 204F 80 min. 205F Sample #3 (Disposable Pan): 125g 20 min. 126F 50 min. 188F 80 min 193F Samples #1 and #2 were tender and flavorful. Sample #3 was not. I was surprised 80 minutes was enough time to sufficiently tenderize any of the samples but even more surprised that a temperature differential of 12 degrees made an enormous difference in the texture of the samples. Other notes: • I need a larger oven. • The aluminum Dutch oven is most convenient because I can sear and braise in it. • The disposable aluminum pan is a hassle. It has no lid so I fashioned one out of foil. Every time I need to check on the meat I have to wrestle the foil off and then crimp it down again when I am ready to put the pan back in the oven. • The Pyrex is nice. Again, I dislike that I must brown the meat in a different pan than the one I use for the braising. The smaller volume is good because I can use less liquid for the braising. I plan to experiment with Image Gullet later this evening and hopefully post pictures from later labs. Scott
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