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  1. They may be the world most popular fruit but I depise;Bananas. Don't care much for Cool Whip.
  2. The only time I expect anything is when the resturant has made a mistake with the food. Birthdays wise (if it's mine) coms/feeebees don't really matter to me because I'm not paying .
  3. I have a story very much like this. When I was about six or seven I was dining ate a fancy resturant with my parents. When the water came to take our orde, I ordred a salad w/ Bleu Cheese dressing. The watwer was suprised probaly thouth I was . But what I didn't know at the time was that my parent were attemptng to be vegitarins. So they ate a lot of salads. To make the salads appealing to my father my mother would make Bleu Chesse dressing.To this day I really like Bleu Chesse Dressing. And I have my paent to thank for that. My parent never made a big deal about food or what I was eating. I think (for me) this was the key. Young chidren a very good at picking up non-verbal cues. If there is tesion around food and the children pick it up then they respond negitivly. Of course this is only a theory and since I don't have chidre I don't know if it is true.
  4. Which show from this season is your favorite? And why?
  5. I really love your sense of style, where does it come from?
  6. They may be the world most popular fruit but I can't stand them...bananas.
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