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  1. I actually have this one - well sorta. Mine stands straight up instead of at an angle. Love it - only downside is some of the holders will stretch a little with heavy knife. Oh – and do not pick up, but slide to move (yikes- almost lost a finger). I didn't get it from MOMA. I can look through my receipts find where I ordered if you're interested (it was cheaper where I ordered). Edited because I can't reply to correct poster. Also don't know how to correct - but I'm talking about the holder that Behemoth provided a link to!
  2. The M&M commercial with the Iron & Wine song. The little M&M guys are floating around in a kaleidoscope of colorful M&M colors, looking so happy and peaceful, when the little red guy gets snatched and eaten. Same with the Chips Ahoy commercial when the cookie goes to a birthday party. He asks when they are having cake and the little girl says, “We’re not having cake”. You see the poor cookie (with his party hat on an all) panic and gulp. Just terrible. Makes me sad!
  3. Paramount, Dragonfly Sushi, Liquid Ginger, Amelia’s, Dinner, The Top, Steve’s, Leonardo’s 706, Café Gardens, Ivey’s, Mildred’s, Taste of Saigon II. That’s what immediately comes to mind. Granted they're not 4 star places, but I would choose them over brown-bagging it. Ocala? Are you kidding me? You’re killing me! There is a hell of a lot more going on here than in Ocala (although I hear they have a good Indian place – of all things). I'll admit these places do include Asian, Italian, etc. As far as distinctive to the area...ummm...booze, hotdog at gator game?
  4. Wow – the old stomping ground. I grew up around there – before it was called Pinecrest. What brings you to those parts?! It’s been a while since I’ve lived there, but some of the places I believe are still around… 136th St & South Dixie Highway: Fleming – A Taste of Denmark: Always nice. Quite proud to have such a charming restaurant in the area! Samurai Japanese Steak House: This place has been around for years – got pretty destroyed from Hurricane Andrew. Much more crowded than it was 15+ years ago. The Falls (mall): Again 15 years – a lot has changed. PF Chang is where El Torito’s used to be. It’s a chain, but I think it gets pretty crowded (don’t know your age and what your looking for). Not sure what else is in the Falls now, but worth looking around if you’ve never been. 124th Street & SDHWY: Gardner’s Market: A good place to get specialty items. Ruben’s Cuban: In the strip mall directly behind Gardner’s Market. Don’t know if it’s still around, but a favorite for a quick Cuban breakfast or lunch. I think there’s also an Italian and Thai place around there that have been there forever. Aren’t I of great assistance?! 112th Street & SDHWY: Wagon’s West: Great place for breakfast. 98th Street (approx) and SDHWY: Lots of Lox Deli: This is egullet, so I’m cautious in saying it’s a good Deli, but I like it. Let me know what you think. The original is on 152nd St. & SDHWY. Hooligan's Pub & Oyster Bar – in the same strip mall. A sports bar/oyster place. Not what the general age of patrons are (for me was a high school/post HS hangout). Shorty’s BBQ – basically across the street from Lots of Lox (or is it a little further south on SDHWY?). BBQ place that has been around for years. That’s what comes to mind for Pinecrest, and it’s what I can offer from my teenage years – I’ll check with my cousin for some more suggestions. They are all pretty general - only Fleming comes close to fine dining. But they all bring back fond memories (many a first and second period spent at Wagon’s West and Ruben’s ). If you have any specific favorites you’re looking for, then let me know (fine dining or seedy bar?). There is still South Miami, Coral Gables and The Grove. And please buy all your wine and booze from Crown Wine & Spirits!
  5. Well I went to the location to check it out. They don’t even have bars. They will be using those long buffet tables as bars. When I realized that, I almost fell over! The site was not originally constructed to be a banquet hall, so the kitchen was retro-fitted. To get to the ice machine or the walk-in, you have to walk through the kitchen. Basically no way to get through without getting in the way of the cooks. The cooks are going to LOVE that – hopefully they’re used to it! They have a standard restaurant ice-machine – and everyone is telling me that’s “more than enough ice” grrrrrr. I let the ice issue go because they are allowing us to use their walk-in to store the wine, and we can bring it the night before the event. I still think they need more ice, but I can do no more. I ordered the wine yesterday. If it was ordered on Monday, then it wouldn’t come in until the day after the event. Nobody seemed to be aware of that. The manager loaning the margarita machine was apparently very honest about the problems that could arise, but still, everyone thinks it will be fine. They have 350 plastic margarita glasses that need to be assembled (stem to glass). I told them those will probably take a while to assemble, but “they don’t think it will”. The first bar shift is scheduled to come on 15 minutes before the event starts. I’ve rounded up some guys to go earlier to set-up. That’s it! I am done! I’ve tried to help, and believe me I’ve gotten some attitude from some for it! Now…I’m starting to feel…a little…under the weather. Feel…a…flu coming on (thanks winesonoma, that was a good tip). You all have bee so helpful. Thanks so much. Not only for the advice, but for confirming that I’m not crazy to be a little concerned!
  6. Maybe they are assuming that it will be easy. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what the heck they're thinking!
  7. You are too kind!! Thank so much for the info. and help. If you were still in Orlando, I'd be temped to take you up on your offer!
  8. Words of wisdom! You really do have a lot of experience with these things!
  9. Oh I’m so f##ked. Again, dammit! It’s not even my committee - they just fall under my council! The event site said they have enough glasses for 350, but I'm not sure what that means. That’s another question for him tomorrow. Are there decent wine glasses made of plastic, or are we talking about standard 8oz. plastic cups? I’m sending a blast email out requesting ice chests. Thanks again to all. We’ve accomplished (what I would estimate to be) three weeks worth of meetings!
  10. Believe me; I know the margarita idea sucks. Big bad councilwoman has already struck down enough of chair’s requests . I let this one go (it works with the theme). They are getting a machine. Funny thing is, in the contract that was submitted to me for approval of the margarita machine/mix, the bar owner clearly states that it is too much volume for the one machine to handle. Again, overlooked by all, but glaring problem to me. I hope to get my questions answered by him, but then again he is trying to make a sale. If you would like to share what the issues are with those pesky little machines, then I would be very grateful. I’m hoping to give a short tutorial on how to avoid pouring foam! That’s all I can offer them on that one! I really do appreciate all the help. If only my volunteers were as helpful as egulleteers! Also, love the picture of your dogs.
  11. You bring up a good point, and something else that I was wondering about. I never worked in a banquet hall or anything like that, just regular restaurants. So, how in the hell do you chill that much wine? This is a crowd that I can sum-up as, “Liquor, never touch the stuff, just give me a bottle and a ½ of wine”. I expect to order at least 25 cases of wine. Even if the location lets us stick some of it in their walk-in, that probably won’t be enough room. Any tips on what to do? Again, priceless information – thanks!
  12. Damn. Didn’t think about no-shows – that will definitely happen. Thanks. Yep. They’re in bad shape. Today, I had to explain what a barback is – if that gives you any idea. There has been no consideration that glasses have to be cleaned, ice refilled, kegs changed-over (and rested) and margarita slop to deal with. I’m going tomorrow to look over the location and meet with the manager. Hopefully he will be able to answer the questions that my council couldn't. Ya know, small issues like, will your staff pick-up and wash glasses in the back during the event, or is that solely our responsibility? Not like it makes much of a difference (quote from volunteer when I asked her about it). Dammit! I was just supposed to deal with the numbers! Thanks! All good points.
  13. You are a professional and an optimist! Would you like to come help??!! I have a feeling that I should dress comfortably and bring some bar mop towels…
  14. Good point – I’m sure a few volunteers will drop off quickly – didn’t think about that. First few overflows of that gosh awful margarita sludge and the sticky mess that ensues…yep I better try for eight at the least. Perhaps I should look into hiring a few bartenders for the night. Definitely no self service, they’re already pushing past their budgeted expenses. Thanks for the heads-up about liability and license permit. We do have the permit, thankfully. And both were a hassle. I appreciate all your help. If you have any other words of wisdom, then please feel free to share!
  15. I am in charge of the finances for a fundraising event that will host approx. 350 people. I was looking over the budget and noticed that they have only 2 people scheduled to tend bar. We will be serving wine, draft beer and frozen margaritas. There are two bars. I can say with certainty that the members of this organization have probably never worked in the service industry. As they go on with their sheltered comfortable lives, no one but me seems to be concerned about the lack of servers. Now that I’ve vented my frustration (thanks - had to get it off my chest), here’s my question. How many people do you think would be an appropriate number to tend bar? Keep in mind they will not be bartenders, just members that volunteer to “get their hands dirty” doing something I’m sure they’ve never done before. Maybe after the experience they’ll tip better! Thanks in advance for any input you might have.
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