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  1. no-shows and cancellations are part of the game. for all those princess out there: change job!
  2. Miyako on Ahmerst, my one and only pick.
  3. "Thank you for calling" is the only line possible. ... never let a cook answer the phone... I guess this is the solution
  4. Intersting stats (in french) Have a look, 500 more restaurants in 2005 compare to 2001 in Montreal. and also
  5. "LE SEPTIÈME CIEL N’A JAMAIS ÉTÉ SI PRÈS…" this is the line on the web-site Cumulus web-site
  6. L'offre et la demande. Supply and demand. Montreal is a average size city, there's a lot more restaurant than patrons to fill them up... Also the subburbs are having a selection( not always good) of new big restaurants next to theyre homes so the island get less destination costumers... The new complexe 10-30, for example, next to brossard is planning to open 8 other restaurants after Cumulus... take your calculator... and trust me they paid for an extensive market analisys... they are already "stealing" some costumers to "montreal". Subburds+condos+dynanic citizens+"pouvoir d'achat"= spending in restaurants Because every body knows that we all need to attract people from outside on a saturday night. Even " white tablecloths" restaurants
  7. Anise closing Sad sad news, 5 years of pure plaisure.
  8. mmm... gus_tatory maybe we should have a cup of coffee together? And read my posts togother.
  9. Which restaurants have a generator? can be interesting to know in the future I guess.
  10. rumours.... never heard nothing about les chevres...
  11. Kids are welcome almost everywhere beetween rush hours... fair enough
  12. At that level, maybe a Big bistro room can be intersting. -Holder can do it for sure, but I dont know if they will accept to close the place.? -Lemeac since they have a new curtain in case of rain or wind, with some electric heaters. Have to be in the weekdays 'cause they are really busy. -Or Hotels reception room, but the food!!?! -Toque can maybe squeeze a 150 places setting,( they have 90 regularly) if its worth it! - or maybe a wonderfull buffet Vichy....lol
  13. or maybe they do not have enough choice!
  14. all the place is gone, the wine cellar also...
  15. mmm.... there is more of all cultures in NY.... strange comment
  16. No tie is requiered in Montreal. Late night up to 12 am: Lemeac (22$ special after 22pm, nice wine list) -up to 1am: BU Italian wine bar.... awsome wine list and wine knowledge -up to 2am : L'express ( huge and cheap wine List) Latin nights club...Salon Daome, Cactus on St denis Olive and Gourmando... go there.
  17. For that kind of event, and if you have the money once again, I'll go for AREA and Ian Perrrault, the guy love challenge and he can move a montain if you ask for it! Trust him, give the guy some lattitude and ask for quality ingredients... is gonna give it back to you He's a bit crazy, but sometimes it helps when you receive 400 guests
  18. lemeac 22$ mmm... Still a huge deal. the place is rockin' after 10pm , on the regular menu the steak only is 21$ I think
  19. even with 25 % its still 50% too expensive!... I know I know
  20. I am curious about your top picks!?
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