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  1. no-shows and cancellations are part of the game. for all those princess out there: change job!
  2. Miyako on Ahmerst, my one and only pick.
  3. "Thank you for calling" is the only line possible. ... never let a cook answer the phone... I guess this is the solution
  4. Intersting stats (in french) Have a look, 500 more restaurants in 2005 compare to 2001 in Montreal. and also
  5. "LE SEPTIÈME CIEL N’A JAMAIS ÉTÉ SI PRÈS…" this is the line on the web-site Cumulus web-site
  6. L'offre et la demande. Supply and demand. Montreal is a average size city, there's a lot more restaurant than patrons to fill them up... Also the subburbs are having a selection( not always good) of new big restaurants next to theyre homes so the island get less destination costumers... The new complexe 10-30, for example, next to brossard is planning to open 8 other restaurants after Cumulus... take your calculator... and trust me they paid for an extensive market analisys... they are already "stealing" some costumers to "montreal". Subburds+condos+dynanic citizens+"pouvoir d'achat"= spending in restaurants Because every body knows that we all need to attract people from outside on a saturday night. Even " white tablecloths" restaurants
  7. Anise closing Sad sad news, 5 years of pure plaisure.
  8. mmm... gus_tatory maybe we should have a cup of coffee together? And read my posts togother.
  9. Which restaurants have a generator? can be interesting to know in the future I guess.
  10. rumours.... never heard nothing about les chevres...
  11. Kids are welcome almost everywhere beetween rush hours... fair enough
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