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  1. I suggested Blue Hill at Stone Barns, but the family seems to be opposed to driving the hour up there in late November.
  2. My father turns 65 at the end of November and my mother and I am trying to figure out where to go for dinner. There will be 6 of us and basically anything goes. The only two places that are out of the budget are Per Se and Masa. Some of the places I have been considering are Daniel, Del Posto, Eleven Madison Park, and Momofuko Ko. I really need help deciding where to go and am open to suggestions. Please feel free to name places and if possible explain why. Thanks
  3. So my girlfriend's birthday is coming up and I am looking for suggestions on where to take her. Right now I booked reservations at Mesa Grill, but after looking at a lot of reviews I am second guessing the choice. Any suggestions are appreciated, although she does not eat Sushi or really any Japanese food. Thanks in advance
  4. I sent her that article before, but not sure if it is what she was looking for. I am not really sure of specifics, I dont think she is either since her boss is a little out there. He refuses to give any specifics as to cuisine or location, all we know is he just wants in NJ.
  5. Went there on 8/6 for dinner. I had the elevation burger and my girlfriend a single cheeseburger. Both burgers were greasy and bland. Seemed a little overcooked as well. I really disliked the shoestring fries as well. As stated before, if I want a greasy fast food like experience I will be sticking to 5 guys, which is supposed to open in Montclair soon.
  6. My girlfriend is trying to find the most expensive resaurants in NJ for her boss. Since I rarely do any fine dining in NJ and head to NYC im at a loss, any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  7. I will be visiting both Portland and Seattle from August 29 to September 7. I was looking for dining suggestions. Right now I have reservations at a few places in Portland for dinner. My reservations include Le Pigeon, Park Kitchen, and Vindalho. I canceled ten01 after seeing a lot of very mixed reviews. I also plan to hit up Pok Pok, Apizza Scholls, and what I heard is the super touristy voodoo doughnuts. The only meal I think I have figured out is breakfast. Here is my list of breakfast places: Broder Byways Café Flavour Spot Genie's Café Mother's Bistro Muddy's Coffeehouse Beths Café Coastal Kitchen Crave Where should I eat? Are there any places I named that I should avoid? Please feel free to suggest any place regardless of cuisine or price. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I have been considering a few places like peasant and spotted pig. What does everyone think of those? My girlfriend really wants us to go to Peter Lugers, although I know it will cost a little more.
  9. No preferences at all, just trying to see what suggestions would be thrown my way. Lets include tax and tip, but no alcohol.
  10. I have a birthday dinner coming up and could use some suggestions as to where to go? Any type of food, but am trying to keep prices somewhere around $50 per person or less. Would be willing to go up to $75 a head, since it is just for 2 of us.
  11. I am going to LV August 23-26 and wanted to know which restaurant you would pick between, Bouchon or L'Atelier? I already plan to go to lotus of siam, but any other suggestions for great cuisine would be greatly appreciated.
  12. there are so many great places in NB. What type of food are you in the mood for? ← Preferably something away from Easton Ave. We have eaten at stuff yer face 100s of times.
  13. I was looking for suggestions for lunch or dinner in and around Rutgers new brunswick that fall into the budget of college students? We have a car so any towns nearby, including edison, piscataway, the brunswicks or whetever else is fine. Thanks is advance.
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