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  1. Made the sticky buns this morning A lot of work, and very time consuming Coming out of the oven Unfortunately, even with the conservative time estimate, turned out to be a bit too long This one looks OK... But the pan as a whole is a tad overdone on the caramel side :-/
  2. It's over. My feet and back were realllly sore after bending over the crepe pan for a good 2 hours. Went off pretty well. Must have made and served at least 100 crepes. Had to scale back plans, ended up just making brioche. Someone else made tartes aux sucres, someone made chocolate cheesecake, someone made a ganache cake... I had a slideshow running of nightscotsman's patisserie and baking school pictures (with his permission of course). Ended up grossing $75 before they stopped charging for food.
  3. Thanks for the link- I have to write a rpeort on brioche and this will be most helpful
  4. re: Brioche pics - bravo. I've been working a lot with brioche recently (pictures) but they don't come out quite so picturesque as yours. I'm intrigued by the difference in technique though - it seems a better idea to do it the way you mentioned, mixing all the other ingredients before incorporating the sponge, rather than adding each ingredient separately to the sponge like my recipe dictated. I think this would yield a smoother dough, with fewer lumps. Hmm. How did you work with such a wet dough when shaping them?
  5. The recipe is from Sherri Yard's Secrets of Baking, the "Master Brioche" recipe (or 'middle class' according to the lean/middle/rich dough classifications) I would post it if not for copyright concerns. edit: I adapted the technique from the Bread Baker's Apprentice. It's a bit of a combination of the two now. Particularly, I adapted the method of shaping the top knots (I odn't really have any good pictures of that part). Basically, you roll a portion of dough into a rope, but leave one end fat. Picture a snake with a big head I guess. Take the big part and make a hole with your thumb.
  6. Mise en place Sponge Adding eggs, flour, salt to sponge Mmmm butter - the recipe I used called for 2 sticks Scraped into oiled bowl, covered with plastic wrap After first rise Refrigerating overnight Fresh out of fridge Kneading a little more flour in Divide into 3 sections Refrigerate 2/3 Divide one third in half Divide half in thirds Shaping Place in pans before plastic wrap covering, final rise Eggwash after rise 425 for 10, 350 for 15 Really wish I had more than 6 pans..
  7. Getting to be crunch time. I guess my teacher scaled back her vision a bit; she only wants us to bring in 1 thing (I'm bringing brioche and profiteroles (If I can get the damn pate a choux to work this time) and she's buying the rest (croissants and not sure what else) And she's charging people for the food (to recoup the cost of the ingredients I guess) We'll see.
  8. I made the brioche recipe again, and I can't understand why it's not rising much at all. The finished product is still excellent but it's not doing what's described in the recipe during the times it's at room temperature - never is it doubling in volume. Made a coffeecake out of half the dough and a loaf out of the other. Maybe it's my yeast..
  9. I have to say, this is an enlightening thread. I never really gave much thought to how much work goes into cutting the cake and making sure there are enough servings for everyone. Hmm
  10. Je pensais de le faire mais je crois que je cuisinerai pour mon passe-temps plutôt que mon travail I should mention that this class isn't really about cooking - It's just a french class whose teacher really enjoys food (I sent her the link to this board and she spent the whole class showing us pictures of the newly opened patisserie of nightscotman (forget the name). So yah.
  11. Well I bought some brioche pans from williams & sonomo this weekend. Tried them out last night Will have to work on my presentation but the taste is absolutely amazing - I must have eaten half the loaf and 2 of the brioche a tete. Recipe was from Sherri Yard's secrets of baking I was worried it wouldn't work at all because I accidently exposed the sponge to a lot more heat than called for but it came through in the end
  12. I've successfully made cream puffs before, but I recently tried making eclairs and they failed miserably - they didn't rise AT all. I have pictures of the whole debacle but they're on the other computer. I was VERY frustrated after that, especially considering how much time and effort i spent on them. I used the recipe from Sherri Yard's Secrets of Baking book, following it to the T. Not sure what to do differently but I suppose I can start from these replies
  13. I sent this link to my french teacher and we spent half of a period just gawking over the pictures, and the link to Neil's pastry school adventures damn if we weren't hungry at 8 in the morning
  14. Thanks for that tip; I hadn't read anything about the actual serving of a croquembouche before. It's something to think about at least. I'm going to have to do some shopping though; I lost one half of my coupler for my pastry bag which makes it just about completely worthless, and I don't have half the ingredients some of the recipes I've seen call for (cake flour in particular..)
  15. I am absolutely amazed at those desserts. Incredible
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