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  1. Kim Severson's article in todays Chronicle: Niman Ranch kicked out of the Ferry Plaza Market because they make too much money? Knee-jerk political correctness, as far as I'm concerned...
  2. I've put links to most of the nominated articles on my website SauteWednesday. Still digging around the web for some of them, but unfortunately, alot of publications require a paid subscription to view articles in the archives. Any writers out there that are nominated, whose articles are not available on-line, can email the text of the article to me, and I will build a page for it on my site - complete with all the necessary copyright salutationis, etc. of course...
  3. Take a short ride up Sir Francis Drake to the town of San Anslemo. On the right as you come into town is a beautiful restaurant called Insalata's. They have a take-out deli on the side door. Really, really good Mediterranean and North Africa inspired cuisine. It's also one of my favorite places in Marin to eat. Their web site: Insalata's
  4. Just a little food for thought in regards to Ferdlisky's comment on "recipes, recipes, and more recipes". The recipe website All Recipes had "over 6 MM unique visitors visit the site in December viewing over 75MM pages". So, yes, recipes would appear to be popular to readers...can you imagine that volume of traffic (gasp)?
  5. Article in todays SF Chronicle about banning junk food in school cafeterias: FOCUS ON OUR KIDS' HEALTH Having attending many "lunches" at my son's public school, I would have to say that most banning junk food at school just isn't the solution. Poor eating habits begin at home...I've seen extravagent lunches that are thrown away every day after just a few bites. Boxes of TicTacs included in lunch bags. McDonalds hamburger, fries, and soda - obviously purchased that morning, now cold and soggy. The warmed up "pizza pockets" they serve out of the "kitchen" are just plain gross. What's worse, is the parents eat them too when attending a school function. I do believe even the Berkeley schools organic lunch program went down the drain because kids would rather have take-out food...
  6. If your knife is carbon steel you don't want to wash it with soap or water, or bleach for that matter. Washing it will remove the oil that keeps the blade from rusting. The thinnest part of the knife, which is at the sharpest part of the blade, will rust first, and your knife will be shot. Ever notice at the sushi bar how sushi chefs keep a towel handy to wipe the blade of their knife clean, but never actually wash it off? This site has excellent tips on the care of Japanese knives: Japanese Knife dot com
  7. I love the Babbo cookbook, and so does everybody who has eaten the recipes cooked from it. Not a clunker in there. Not having eaten there, I'm wondering though, if Christopher Hershiemer and her styling team have gussied up the food pics, so that they all tend to look incredibly lush and delicious, or does the food really look like that when you eat there?
  8. I made Bittman's recipe tonite, following the instructions verbatim. I used "Grimaud" brand duck legs purchased in San Francisco. Obviously couldn't "trim the excess fat" because the underneath the skin is at least a 1/4" of fat. I scored the skin (which he doesn't suggest) to help render the fat, and after browning the legs, had almost a cup and a half of duck fat, although obviously there was much left to be rendered. I knew that the "aromatic" vegetables would be pretty inedible (confit-ed in fat), and I actually like my poultry well done and crunchy, but the meat was so incredibly dried out after the time prescribed in the recipe that I could easily dice it up into small little garnishes. I could have cooked this recipe properly, so to speak, but with two kids all jazzed up just home from school, and demanding attention, I just let it take its course...what a waste.
  9. To quote Jeffrey Steingarten (from his latest book It Must Have Been Something I Ate): "Why doesn't everyone in China have a headache?"
  10. BruceCole

    Deep-fried turkey?

    The National Turkey Federation has step by step instructions: Deep Fried Turkey Speaking of turkey, I'd recommend trying to find a wild turkey: >> link here << (of course, you'll have to shoot your own!) or a domestically raised "heritage turkey" (Bourbon Red, Naragannsett, etc.) try Cabbage Hill Farms, they actually "taste like turkey". Especially compared to the overbred, big breasted fowl that the majority of us dine on each holiday season. No brining, no injecting necessary...
  11. Decent Mexican food - as in tortas and tacos... 1. Tortas Los Picudos (look for the brand new awning) 2969 24th Street between Harrison and Alabama (415)824-4199 M-Sat 8am-8pm Sun 7am-8pm Brand spanking new, very clean. 6 different Agua Fresca. Had the Tortas Cubanos. Different meats, shredded lettuce, avocado, pickled jalapeno, queso fresco, house sauce. Yum. 2. El Tonayense Taco Truck 22nd and Harrison Tongue tacos are excellent and cheap.
  12. Anything by Richard Olney, Simple French Food for example. Interesting the number of titles that include the word "simple" when referring to French food... Cuisine of the Sun by Mireille Johnston. When French Women Cook by Madalene Kamman. These books are a focus more on home cooking than the restaurant fare that has been mentioned.
  13. Thanks for the reply Steve. You are, as usual, an incredible source of info! Now I'll be up all night reading the El Bulli threads...
  14. Here's a link recapping the 2001 meeting of Molecular Gastronomy (not to be repetitive, but I posted this link earlier this week in a diifferent thread...). 2001 Molecular Gastronomy Meeting. Blumenthal also wrote a series of articles for the Guardian, I've compiled a list for anyone interested in reading them. Heston Blumenthal I'm not exactly an international diner, so I'm curious why Blumenthal is perceived as an "Adria imitator"?
  15. BruceCole

    Pesto Basics

    Blanch the basil leaves for 15 seconds. Refresh them in ice water, then squeeze most of the moisture out (a little water being a good thing, it helps to emulsify the mixture). Keeps the pesto green longer because it retards oxidation. Mortar and Pestle is my religion. Garlic goes in first. Smash and puree it, then take a nice big whiff... I usually use walnuts and a pinch of sugar for a nuttier flavor. Lots of salt, afterall, it is a condiment, so-to-speak. Cheese? God forbid.
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