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  1. Four words: Warm Coconut Dusted Donuts and three more: with Coconut Caramel Pudding I have enjoyed all of the meals I have had a TenPenh, but I keep going back for the donuts. I've considered ordering them as my main course AND dessert (but haven't... yet)
  2. I was excited to hear about a new place in Silver Spring and tried out the Red Dog Café on Monday night. They definitely need to work out the service issues. There appeared to be two waiters for all of the tables. Most people in the place were waving for a waiter at one point or another. Getting our drinks refilled took multiple requests. We started with the Artisan Goat Cheese, which was a dollop of cheese in the middle of a pool of tomato sauce. It was good, but it was served with four rather small pieces of bread, not nearly enough to eat all the cheese with. We finished it with our spoons. I had the Cedar Plank Salmon, my friend had the Chicken Under A Brick. They both were sitting in the middle of the large plate. My salmon actually slid across the plate when the waiter put it down on the table. Some greens, sauce, or hell, even a sprig of parsley would have helped. I like my salmon rare, but this was cold in the middle. The chicken was dry on the inside and kinda soggy on the outside. The accompanying herb roasted potatoes tasted mostly of salt. We had the bread pudding for dessert, but calling it bread pudding is inaccurate. It was egg pudding with a chunk or two of bread in it, quite possibly the strangest “bread pudding” I have ever encountered. Physically the décor was pleasing. I will however wait a few months for them to work out some of the kinks before I try them again.
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