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  1. While I don't have much to compare it to since I haven't been to any of the mom 'n pop BBQ places in Virginia, I am a big fan of the ribs at Old Glory BBQ in Georgetown. The ribs at Red Hot & Blue are not as good, in my opinion. Never been to Rocklands, but I frequently drive/walk by the Glover Park location and the smell makes my mouth water every time. I've heard many people recommend the Mighty Midget Kitchen in Leesburg. It is literally a tiny tin shack, built from the fuselage of a World War II bomber. I actually lived in Leesburg a while back and had their peach habanero wings (across the street at Tuskie's) and they were the best wings I've ever tasted.
  2. The locations I have been to vary widely. My favorite is the one in Chinatown. The newer Georgetown location, in comparison, is rather cramped and dirty.
  3. Has anyone been to RFD recently? And if so, how was the food? This is one place that I really want to like better than I do. I long to spend time there not only enjoying their excellent selection of brews, but enjoying some decent food, as well.
  4. Has anyone actually eaten at the Dominion Brewpub out in Ashburn? Their taps are the best in the area, in my opinion, but the last time I ate there (almost five years ago), the food left a whole lot to be desired.
  5. Lately, I've been having dreams about that french toast. I must get back there soon
  6. Heller's is back, according to a post by ANC member Jack McKay on the Mount Pleasant DC Forum:
  7. I agree. And drop a couple of Hershey's Kisses into that steaming latte, for presentation
  8. We went there for dinner last year for restaurant week, and while I don't recall what I ordered, I do remember it being a rather disappointing meal.
  9. The closest thing to Tonic I can think of in Loudoun County is King's Court Tavern, in downtown Leesburg. Although when I lived there, TGI Friday's seemed to be the most popular neighborhood hangout
  10. Regular soda: Dr. Pepper. The good stuff: Sanpellegrino Chinotto
  11. Either that, or they've been lurking here and have decided that they had better get their act together
  12. This sounds more like a marketing gimmick than anything else. I would be curious to know the percentage of beers that are consumed right from the bottle/can, versus from a glass. Whenever possible, I will pour my beer into a glass before drinking it.
  13. Roger Troutman

    Magic Hat - VT

    It's okay. #9 seems to be available on tap just about everywhere around here.
  14. The Royal Red Robin is a very good burger. Anything with a fried egg on top of it is usually good. But it is a chain, Tom Sietsema hasn't gotten around to reviewing it yet, and you probably don't get to hang out with area restaurant employees there at 1 in the morning
  15. To clarify, I haven't been to France, nor have I been to a lot of French restaurants here. While I wouldn't characterize the service I have experienced at Bistrot du Coin as rude, I felt that our party was treated with slower, more indifferent and unattentive service than I would expect at such an establishment, on more than one occasion. The food is good enough that it won't stop me from returning, but the waitstaff certainly shouldn't expect an automatic 20% gratuity, either. They aren't exactly going out of their way to counter the tired stereotype of French service being rude or snobbish.
  16. While I love the food there, the service is pretty crappy. But don't encourage it; bring a handful of pennies and tip accordingly Edit: I've been told by more than one person that this type of service is "a French thing." Has this been anyone else's experience?
  17. Looks nice. Is it within walking distance to the Wheaton Metro?
  18. We went there last evening, and, well, it sucked. I don't know how else to put it. To say that service was slow would be an understatement. I don't fault the server, though; I blame management for keeping the place so understaffed. After finally being served my third or fourth beer choice (here's a hint: don't aim for anything too exotic because they won't have it in stock), we ordered some food. The last time I was there, the fries were much tastier, and looked hand-cut. These were clearly out of the freezer, and undercooked. The onion rings were among the worst I've ever tasted. To their credit, the burger was awesome. The Brickskeller is a great example of an establishment that is clearly resting on its laurels. Before moving here, friends and acquaintances had elevated this place to near-mythical status. Perhaps it was much better in times gone by. I do love the atmosphere in the basement, and it might be a great place to spend a few hours drinking beers with friends. That is, as long as you aren't too picky about which beers you'll be drinking.
  19. I had the "Big City Red" chili dogs at Tonic in Mount Pleasant a few weeks ago, and found them to be quite tasty. And you get real tater tots along side them, instead of boring french fries.
  20. The place usually smells like grease and cigarettes. But the food is worth having to wash the clothes you wore there two times when you get home. Menu: http://www.madamsorgan.com/menu.html
  21. Those of you with a fear of Adams Morgan after the sun goes down are missing out on some seriously good soul food. I go to Madam's Organ regularly, just for the food. They do open at 5pm, so maybe y'all can wait until springtime and get in there before dark
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