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  1. Man, great topic, brings back a lot of memories for me too... My whole family is from the Carteret/Woodbridge area of Jersey, and when I was a kid, with my family having emigrated to the Lancaster, PA area....we would go back to Jersey at least once a month, staying at my Aunts who was then living in Piscataway. Anyway, I always remember going out for Chinese, it was always a sit down place (this was the late 70's, early 80's), but I don't remember where it was...I don't even remember if your typical strip mall take out Chinese that is so ubiquitous today was even really around then.... I reme
  2. pzjgr

    Rochester, NY

    Good stuff, doesn't look like the normal roll (or at least the ones I've had) I've seen trucks unloading at local Asian markets, boxes of baguettes from a Canadian bakery. Maybe no shipment that day. ← I don't know if anyone mentioned it....but unfortunately, it only appears to be open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.... I go to Rochester almost weekly for meetings at Kodak (or whats left of Kodak) and last week we were going to try this place for lunch, since our favorite Vietnamese lunch place, Saigon Palace closed (hopefully Henry will be opening a new place soon in a new location
  3. If you get medium or hotter at Duff's they tend to be pretty saucy, but not soggy. I know what you mean, I hate soggy mushy wings. When I go to Duffs I usually go with the Medium Light wings, extra crispy...perfect for me, not too saucy, and the heat level is good. I could stand a little more, but I never understood eating them so hot you don't enjoy them..... But be sure you go to the Sheridan Drive location, the one down in Orchard Park is not nearly as good.....
  4. Yes, for Beef on Weck, Charlie the Butchers is great, on the corner of Wehrle Drive and Cayuga Road, right near the airport...the other "famous" place for beef on weck is Schwabl's, off of Union road.... If you go to Charlies on a Thursday, do try their prime rib sandwich, it is to die for, excellent!
  5. I've lived in Buffalo for almost 20 years, ever since I came here for college (man, I still can't believe its been THAT long....) My vote, hands down, no doubt...Duffs, the original on Sheridan Drive is the place to go. Never was impressed by the Anchor Bar, but neat to go to, to say you've been there... But if you are only going to one place, make it Duffs!
  6. Excellent post! I'm not a big fan of Frog & Onion, or Henry VII but I agree with much of what you recommend. One place I'll recommend is Fat Man's Cafe for one of the best fish cakes on the island. It's on Trackside Lane (off of Palmetto Road), across from the soccer field and is right on a bus route (#10 I think). This is total local color and few, if any tourists go there. Nothing fancy, just a great fish cake. I also like The Spot in downtown Hamiltown for fish chowder. I've been nine times but I've never even heard of Tom Moore's. I'll have to go my next trip. Thanks, Kevin ←
  7. Just a few thoughts from me....a little background... I have several clients in Bermuda, where we do annual or semi-annual stack testing for the Bermuda Gov...So I have been there about 10 times, each for a week to three weeks, so I have spent about 5 months there over the past 10 years....In fact I am just getting my crew ready to return week after next, although I won't be going this year... I love Bermuda, it is a fabulous island, and I have spent much of my off time exploring all the nooks and crannies...and also supplementing my library with both books on its history and its cooking....Oh
  8. While I am pretty sure this may have been brought up sometime, somewhere, I have discovered one of the most sublime drinks I have ever had, and wanted to share it... Get a frozen container of Welches White Grape Pear juice, and mix it with one 1 liter bottle of Polar Seltzer or equivalent (the 1 liter bottle is pretty much exactly 3 cans worth...) instead of water.... Man, it is the perfect beverage....I have also experimented with the Concord Grape, White Grape Raspberry, etc...and all are awesome, but the Pear concoction.... Pure delight on the tongue.....
  9. pzjgr

    Rochester, NY

    Well, we had our corporate function Monday evening at Black and Blue, so I thought I'd say a few words... I noticed no one that I've seen here had much good to say, but I thought it was very good...now, I am not a Hannibal Lecter level epicurean, but I know what tastes good to me, and I was very happy with the experience... We had "The Boardroom" reserved.....it was a very cozy, pleasant private room that seated our 13 person group very nicely. The staff seemed very good, very attentive, water glasses constantly kept filled, very helpful, and did a great job... I started with the Blue Crab Coc
  10. Depends on where you go, Holly.... Charlie The Butchers is my favorite, although people also swear by Schwabl's... At Charlies, it depends on how well the roast was done...sometimes they are pretty rare, sometimes a little past medium...personally I like 'em RARE. Charlies also has an incredible Prime Rib sandwich on Thursdays.... Trust me, take a road trip up here, its right up your alley...Beef on Weck, Wings, Teds Hot Dogs...more than enough to keep you eating for a few days!
  11. pzjgr

    Rochester, NY

    Sushi...well if you want to travel to Buffalo, a new place opened near the Walden Galleria, Sakura... Fantastic in my book...although I have never had NYC sushi...but everything is VERY fresh, the tuna is outstanding, had a few rolls, the Philadelphia roll was excellent, a great Spider Roll.... They have a nice "box" lunch...I usually get ths sashimi box...about 8 nice pieces of sashimi, 4 pieces of California roll, a nice light salad with a ginger puree kind of dressing, two pieces of tempura, some japanese marinated vegetables...all for about $12.... I recommend it.... Nothing good about Bla
  12. I don't know if anyone mentioned this...but for Bar B Q, in my book, the best in Buffalo is Kentucky Gregs in Depew (near the Buffalo Airport). I love the place...pulled pork is exquisite, the ribs excellent (a dry rub type rib, meaty and tender), baked beans are great, and man, the chicken and sausage gumbo...to die for. Its not fancy, its not big, but man, its good..... ETA...I like it much better than The Dinosaur......
  13. Hello all...my family is planning to take a real "family" vacation in January to WDW. We will be staying at the Wilderness lodge, and one evening my parents want to do a nice whole family meal. We are big seafood fans (I always loved our two weeks on Brigantine Island every summer, eating at pierside crabshacks and seafood restaurants from there to Cape May!) and were thinking of going to the Fulton Crabhouse. I perused their menu online and it seemed pretty interesting. I didn't see the bucket of blue claws, like they have at the NJ restaurant though. But I am thinking the Stone Crab claws ma
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