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  1. Another approach you might try (I have gas, so I can't double-check the feasability of this...), would be to get some fairly heavy steel wire and try to fasten the burner to the stove-top frame opposite the power connector. This would make it harder to remove the elements for cleaning, but might be worth a try. Maybe just buy a ceramic-top range? They seem much more user friendly than the coil type.
  2. I like Rocco's Pizza also, and their closeness to Powell's doesn't hurt too much.
  3. Hey, if they can make a 'Movie or Fad' X cookbook (Yes, I now have a recipie for Wookie Cookies thanks to the Star Wars Cookbook).... I find myself looking for 'cookbooks' that lean more towards culinary theory, personally. 'The Joy of Cooking' is pretty universal, if a bit rudimentary in parts. Some recipies just contain ingredients that I would never conceivably have on hand. I own the '30 Minute Meals' and 'Desparation Dinners' cookboks also. There are plenty of possibilities. Just keep writing, and we'll keep reading!
  4. My two faves, old standbys: Chambord Kamikaze - goes down far too easy... I find myself losing count often when drinking this one Red Bull & Vodka - A great tired/wired combo for late night dancing and partying
  5. buckwad

    PBR is Making a Comeback!

    In the PBR epicenter here according to the previously mentioned NY Times article. PBR has been the thing to drink for a few years now. $5ish for a 12-pack, $1.50 for a 40oz, how could you go wrong? ;)
  6. The Starbucks conspiracy theory holds a lot of water. I read once that they exclusively use UrbanWorks for development of new sites. And I've seen two other new Starbucks go up in the PDX area under the UrbanWorks banner.
  7. Whee, my first post, and on a topic I love, Sushi!! Here's my short list in PDX. I haven't been to every Sushi place in town, but these are my favorites: Obi Sushi - Great atmosphere, lovable older sushi chef (he has his own t-shirt!) - NW 2nd and Couch in downtown PDX Bush Garden - More traditional Japanese restaurant with semi-private rooms, sushi bar, etc. - SW 9th and Morrison in downtown Yoko's Japanese Restaurant - Smaller, neighborhood Sushi place. Good stuff. - SE 28th and Gladstone Kappaya - Another good neighborhood place - SE 33rd and Division There was another place that I would have recommended: Tani's on SE Woodstock. Sadly they closed in the last year due to the owner of the property wanting to redevelop.
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