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  1. Just to let everyone know, Siam Ruby has reopened under new ownership (again). The previous owner closed in June, and I was crestfallen, as the food was great and he was such an unbelievably nice guy. Fortunately, the food under the new owners is still very good, and prices are comparable to what they were under the previous owner. The menu is scaled back quite a bit from the previous owner's, but all of the main dishes are available (the new owners do not offer pork as a meat choice, however, unlike the previous owners). This is the third-and-a-half incarnation of this place. The first owner
  2. zhelder

    Mikado 23

    I went back for lunch today (Saturday) to see whether it was worth ponying up the extra $$$ for dinner. Lunch on the weekends is $15.95. During the week, it's $11.95 (I'll make a weekday trip very soon)! I was BLOWN AWAY by how much great stuff they had available for lunch! They had almost all of the sushi varieties that they have for dinner, including eel and eel avocado (my favorite), shrimp tempura, and a whole bunch of other stuff! The hot foods were tamed down a bit (Singapore rice noodles instead of udon noodles, and definitely no bacon wrapped scallops for lunch!), but they had the usua
  3. zhelder

    Mikado 23

    I enjoyed the place so much last week, I went back a second time last Saturday. It was even better than the first week! They had a lot of the same stuff, but a few new things too, including some great bacon wrapped scallops. It was about five times busier than it was the week before. The word is spreading! It would take quite a feat for this place to develop a Minado-like following, but maybe they will! No more free Aloha Juice though. I also found out they have a sit down hibachi dinner option available as an alternative to the buffet. (I think you get to pick two meats/seafoods for your din
  4. A new upscale sushi buffet called Mikado 23 has opened in Wayne. They are located right off of Route 23 on the site that was Majestic Buffet formerly, and before that, the most sinister electronics chain to ever make its way into New Jersey, Nationwide Electronics. (I used to love going in there and seeing $400 TVs priced at $1800.) I liked Majestic Buffet. I thought it was a little fancier than the typical Chinese buffet and I liked the decor and ample space inside. Then I discovered Minado and it completely changed my idea of what a buffet should be. Yeah, it was more expensive, but it was
  5. The Fairway/Trader Joe's combination in Paramus is really unbeatable. You can go to Fairway for your deli, meats, and most groceries, and then hit up Trader Joe's for frozen foods and their great and reasonably priced bottled juices. Dried fruits and nuts tend to be a little cheaper at Trader Joe's too. Since Fairway opened, I have spent MUCH less time in the regular supermarkets. (I basically go there to buy soda and maybe butter and yogurt now.) Fairway's sale stuff really is better quality and/or better prices. (Their milk prices are unbeatable!)
  6. Just curious, Cook456. I see your profile says you're from Clifton. Where's there a Wegman's within 25 minutes of Clifton? Woodbridge? That's a bit more than 25 minutes, no? Or is there one closer? I would definitely be willing to drive a bit from Fair Lawn to a Wegman's, but Woodbridge is a bit of a hike. As far as Trader Joe's, there's one on Hamburg Turnpike in Wayne. That should be a bit LESS than 25 minutes, no? And they just opened a new huge Whole Foods in Paramus at the former Bergen Mall. Also probably a bit less than 25 minutes from most parts of Clifton. I can definitely see Wegma
  7. Both filets, the salmon and the beef, were fantastic. I'm not an expert on either, but I know what I like. And I liked both of these better than what I usually get at the supermarket. (Especially the beef.) While on the crazy line to get the beef, I started talking to a guy next to me. He helped me pick out a nice piece and told me to get it cut in half and tied, as roasts. He said to salt, pepper, and butter it, and cook it in the oven for 30 min. at 500, without opening the oven. I tried this, and it was fantastic! BTW, since my inaugural visit, I've been back two more times. I went on a S
  8. I went to check out this new revolution in supermarket shopping on Saturday 3/28. I got there at 7:45 a.m., and there were a few people mulling about. By opening time at 8 a.m., there must've been 50 or 60 people waiting to get in. By the time I left, the first half of the lot was pretty much full. Initial thoughts of the place? I like it. A lot. Their non-sale prices aren't going to put Maywood Market or Corrados out of business anytime soon, but they have some terrific stuff, and the sale prices were amazing. Everything I've tried so far has been absolutely terrific (with one exception) and
  9. Backwoods recently started a Wednesday night $20 AYCE rib special. And this was just the thing to get me in there to try them. Overall, it was quite good. The dry ribs were very good, but they have a VERY strong sage/cinnamon/clove flavor. The hostess recommened trying the ribs with a bit of honey, and that, along with some of the vinegar-based sauce on the table, made the flavor a bit more mild. The wet ribs are basically the dry ribs with the tomato barbecue sauce. Also very good, but I think these ribs go better with the vinegar sauce. My favorite ribs were the baby back, which is apparen
  10. The owner was hoping for a soft opening at the end of the month, permits pending. ← I just heard about this place today. Is it really going to be a rodizio? If it's going to be a rodizio, is it going to be an all you can eat place? Given the area, it wouldn't surprise me to be charged by the piece. It would be absolutely fantastic to have a full AYCE rodizio in Ridgewood, but I think the price would terrify me. Information on the place is very sparse. Does anyone know the deal?
  11. Haven't tasted the bracciole yet, but I bought two pieces each of pork and beef, along with some chop meat and sausage. I'm going to make a pot of "Wednesday Gravy" this week!
  12. Nobody's been here yet? Boy, you all don't know what you're missing. Since my first post, I've been back three more times, and had a chance to try a few more things. In addition to the amazing tom yum soup, I also tried the tom khaa kai soup. Also delicious. Very similar to the tom yum, but with coconut milk. Both are great, but I think I like the tom yum better. Also tried another appetizer which was shrimp wrapped in dough and deep fried, served with a spicy plum sauce (think a thin spicy duck sauce made with plums instead of peaches or apricots). The portion was small (4 shrimp), but they
  13. I just made my way to the new Corrado's in Wayne, and I'm impressed. This store is kind of a smaller, more efficient Cliff Notes version of the Clifton fortress. The store is maybe 1/3 the size of the Clifton store, which means it's still the size of a mid-size supermarket. Corrado's website claims that the Wayne store has the same prices as the Clifton store. And after traveling the store, I'd say this statement is about 80% true, which amazed me. My jaw dropped when I saw that sundried tomatoes were $4.99 per lb. and grape leaves were $2.99 per lb., just like in Clifton. I say the statement
  14. In a tiny little strip next to the Rochelle Park Shop-Rite was a great little Thai restaurant called Siam Ruby Cafe. It was an unusual place, basically looking like the tiny luncheonette it was in a past life. But the food was great and so were the prices. Well, I am VERY happy to let everyone know that Siamy Ruby has reopened as Ruby Siam - New owner, new menu, still great prices. In fact, as good as the old Siam Ruby was, I think that this new incarnation may be even better. The place still looks like a micro diner inside, but everything else is different. The menu, while still not nearly as
  15. South City Grill on Route 17 south in Rochelle Park just started one for $20, both for the buffet and a la carte and include unlimited mimosas and the like. ← According to the website, it's $24.95. But let me get this straight: that price includes both the buffet and the a la carte offerings? So you can go to the buffet as much as you want and then order the a la carte items as you desire as well? $24.95 is a little more than I would typically spend on a brunch, but considering all of the items they're offering, for the buffet alone, it seems like a good deal. Adding the a la carte menu an
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