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  1. Someone else just mentioned two restaurants that I'd like to run past this group: Chive & Chloe. What do you know about these two?
  2. Thanks for the input! What's not to be missed in La Jolla (if we get so inclined and rent a limo for the group)?
  3. I'll be hosting about 3 or 4 clients next month in San Diego and am looking for the perfect dining spot. We'll all be staying in the downtown area with meetings at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. These are clients I've wined and dined in the past at Nob Hill and Simon's Kitchen & Bar in Las Vegas and Dish in Atlanta, among other places around the country. With clients coming from the Northwest where food is as fresh as it gets, I'm looking for a place that is innovative over artifice, where the chef is skilled, experienced and creative. Any suggestions for the perfect spot? Oh, yes, some place with a discerning yet reasonable wine list. (The last bottle I ordered at one of these dinners was the price of a pair of Jimmy Choos.)
  4. Does anyone know the name and location of Richard Kinssies new wine shop in downtown Seattle? I heard he just opened one. Thanks!
  5. I'll be visiting Boston for 2 days/2 nights and needed a couple dinner recommendations for an eclectic group: two college-age children and a celiac. We want to spend some time treking the historic parts of town and would love a small and historic B&B if you have any recommendations there as well.
  6. I'll be visiting San Antonio in a couple weeks and will be taking out-of-town clients to dinner 3 of those nights. I'm looking for a variety of experiences from casual one night to great Tex-Mex to fresh and innovative young chefs or anything else you would recommend, so I'm looking for your favorites. I'll be staying near the convention center. I've tried to research the local newspaper's reviews but many of the pages are no longer posted. What would you recommend? Price points can vary, too. Thanks for helping an out-of-towner!
  7. I'm attempting to track down two Russian vodkas for an event in September and wondered whether any of you know who the distributor(s) might be for Russian Standard or White Gold? The state liquor store said they could order it for me if I can find the distributor. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Thanks everyone for your help. I'll let you know about my experiences when I return.
  9. I'm traveling to the Winthrop area and wanted to know if any of you have experience with food/dining at either Sun Mountain Lodge or the Freestone Inn and what your impressions are. Or if there are any other awesome food experiences to be had nearby.
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