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  1. I have, and frequently turn to, both Savoring Mexico and Mexico the Beautiful. Superb books each of them!
  2. IMHO having trouble sleeping...just watch this show.
  3. Saw this on the Liquor Control Board web site..... Current Business Name: UNION SQUARE GRILL New Business Name: THE LOST LADY AMERICAN CANTINA Business Location: 621 UNION ST, SEATTLE, WA 98102-2322 Current Applicant(s): CONSOLIDATED RESTAURANTS, INC. New Applicant(s): 621 UNION LLC; WAMSTAD, DALE F; WAMSTAD, COLLEEN ANN Liquor License Type: SPIRITS/BR/WN REST LOUNGE +; CATERING Application Type: ASSUMPTION License Number: 076208 I guess Union Square Grill is going out???
  4. I have been a loyal, dedicated fan thru the first four seasons. Never missed an episode and watched many when they repeated. Here's how much this stinker of a season has grabbed me.....I forgot it was even on TV last night and didn't see it!!!
  5. ken T


    I thought it could have potential when I heard about it but the judges seemed very uncomfortable, editing of the judge's coments was horrible, the little shot of the contestants awaiting the judgement ridiculous, and Ted Allen as host is a wooden stick. I'll watch it one more time but do not have high hopes for it.
  6. Just not interesting this time around...not personalities, challenges, food served, judges, etc... Guess I'll wait for Season 6 and hope for the best!
  7. I found a new Washington, DC episode on Travel Channel "On Demand". Very good. Don't know if it is a mistake or not!
  8. Japan was a HUGE improvement over the Southwest episode. Very interesting with great food. Could have watched that knife manufacturing for the whole show!
  9. What a huge let down. Please...Alice Cooper and a hot dog to showcase cuisine in the state of Arizona? One brief stop in New Mexico (which may have been the highlight of the episode for me). Way too much time with Ted Nugent. Yet another TV show doing the 72oz steak eating contest in a Texas restaurant. And the Salton Sea - why? I was so excited for this episode considering the cuisine available in the Southwest and this is what we got.
  10. You can not go wrong with Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food!
  11. I did. A 4 point loss for Flay with 3 in the "originality" area and just 1 in the "taste" area. I would love to see the individual judge's score cards.
  12. Anyone know where I can find some small buns for cheeseburger sliders?
  13. Don't forget BONNIE SLOTNICK COOKBOOKS @ 163 W 10th St (212.989.8962)...always an excellent place to browse.
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