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  1. The food they served me was edible and plentiful, but it's definitely not on the list of foods I'd go to China just to eat again. I'd guess it's comparable quality to airline food in the U.S.--you eat it because you don't want to go hungry.
  2. If I am ever in the New York area, I will be sure to check out both of those places. Gary, could you let me know what recipes are in the magazine? I can make the effort to track down a copy if they are ones I'm looking for. (It's not one that's readily available in small town MN) Thanks
  3. Has anyone else here been to Xinjiang Province? I spent about 6 months there and from time to time I find myself craving the food I had. Unfortunately, since restaurants are cheap, the only food I learned to make was jiaozi. I would be so very happy if anyone knows how to make any of the following foods, or could point me to a cookbook, website, etc. Or if anyone knows of a restuarant where I could buy it in Minnesota (doubtful) or Los Angeles. nan (Uyghur style, Chinese=nang) ... flat bread, probably not reproducible in my oven, but so good ... kawab (Uyghur style, Chinese=kao rou) ... mu
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