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  1. Hey Maggie, is this still an ongoing project? Did you ever get your hands on any?
  2. (Got this idea from the http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=50119). Taking the fear out of cooking intimidating foods? Maybe not the exact foods from that thread, especially since the average everyday American has never even seen any of those, (gorgeous pics, by the way), but stuff that's out there that a lot of people are afraid to prepare, like....tofu, calamari, chili, homemade bread, homemade ice cream, sushi, chitlins (sp), various ethnic dishes, hollandaise, alfredo sauce. Most eGulleters already know how to cook all this stuff already, huh? So I'm a little behind.
  3. A vodka cranberry will give me a headache every time; and if I don't get my coffee, which never happens.
  4. Eric Clapton, King Arthur, Michaelangelo, and Alton Brown - in that order - and I'm not even going to try to explain that. Varmint, your the man!
  5. The only man for whom I have ever baked a pie is my Dad. It was a black bottom pie and took all damn day to bake. Don't know why this means something, but it does. Also, I would never feed my family out of a box.
  6. Soooo, maybe this goes under one of the obsurdly stupid questions threads, but, if they are not open when you get them- how do you get them open to eat them?
  7. Hey Chris, Alton updated his website. You've probably seen this already but here it is anyway. http://www.altonbrown.com/pages/webfavs.html That is just so cool! (Some new tour dates are listed also - doggy bag -)
  8. I totally dig the hole in the counter thing. When I get a real kitchen, I want one of those.
  9. The buzz on the Good Eats fan page is that the kitchen has been recreated in a studio, and has been in use since last fall. Not even the die-hard AB fans noticed the switch. Everybody just went...oooh, he got a new stove. He went with GE appliances instead of Viking in the new kitchen. Here's the discussion: http://goodeats.dyns.net:/viewtopic.php?t=6041
  10. My Dad always eats "green" food on New Years Day. He claims it's supposed to bring financial stability throughout the coming year. His standard is split pea soup and collard greens; it seems to be working.
  11. Steak, sauted mushrooms and oreo cookies. Pop in a movie and try to focus on that; eat while your watching (and even cook while your watching) and and won't really realize how much your eating until your done. It's sort of a force thing at first.
  12. hmmm, they weren't talking about Alton He put's cross-contamination warnings in nearly every show. Sometimes more than once depending on what he is cooking, especially chicken, and washes every damn thing with a bleach solution. I think they could have at least specified the chefs with better records.
  13. Does anybody love over-cooked green peppers? I dunno - if not, why do they put them on pizza?? ewwwww They shouldn't put them on pizza. They shouldn't put anything on pizza. As a matter of fact, they shouldn't make pizza at all. It should be outlawed! Yuck!
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