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  1. Melt ...also: Cucharamama Village Green Stage House Inn Louisa's (Cape May) yeah...what's up with that? any signs of life out there, suzi? i check their website periodically and seems like nothing's happening...
  2. i was always a little hesitant to make a buche, but this thread inspired me, so i finally did it this year. i basically followed the "Yule Log" recipe in Rose Berenbaum's "Cake Bible" but used marzipan for mushrooms & leaves instead of meringue.
  3. hey curlz--i read about it on this website.
  4. pnapoli


    went last night and have to agree with ghostrider -- nothing special. with the exception of the hummus, which i really liked, i thought the dishes were pretty bland. one dish that particularly disappointed was the 'turkish ravioli' (can't remember the real name): the raviolis were literally swimming in yogurt sauce and were themselves lacking in any discernable flavor. we also had the lentil soup, and the chicken/lamb kebab combo, both of which were fine, but not worth additional commentary. bread was a mix of pita and the foccaccia-type bread mentioned above and was not served warm. service was good. the restaurant was about 2/3 full when we arrived at around 7:30, but never filled up. i think it came to about $40 before tip.
  5. i just happened upon this and thought it would be of interest to many here. not much info available on the site yet, but it says it will be updated by the end of the week. First Annual Hudson Restaurant Week
  6. if you're referring to El Mexicano, it's not bad. i had pretty good arroz con pollo there not too long ago. haven't been back yet.
  7. dude, definitely call jerry's (in englewood). Jerry's Gourmet & More (201) 871-7108
  8. if i'm not in the city that day (which i won't know for sure until next week) then i'm in for morristown (the other locations are too far).
  9. please tell me more. would this be a good place for a group of 8-10?
  10. these posts (and the great weather) inspired me to visit AF today, where i tried the 'graham central' stuff. really good. on another note, i haven't been there in a while, but i don't recall their servings being so huge in the past. we got a small cone and 'junior' cup (smaller than a 'small' cup) and they were both pretty damn big. the place ain't cheap but you do get a lot for your $.
  11. thanks for posting about this place. sounds like a great addition to the area. whereabouts in Warren?
  12. pnapoli

    Worst Beer Ever Tasted

    too bad. sounds like a cool place. the idea of meister brau on tap is just killing me.
  13. rosie, how would you describe the atmosphere at the washington inn? when i was down in cape may this summer i thought about trying it but was put off by my impression--perhaps mistaken--that this place is somewhat stuffy and formal. what did you think?
  14. Girasole in bound brook Mojave Grill in westfield both are byo. enjoy your date!
  15. pnapoli

    Il Forno

    the bellevue ave. location is going to be opening in the evenings soon (like, sometime in the next week or so) to serve pizza. they've redesigned the interior a few times in the past year or so and have settled on a plan that provides a much larger seating area than before. the pizza should definitely be worth checking out. i'll report back...
  16. one of these tuesdays you should try Marco & Pepe in JC if you haven't yet done so. it meets your requirements to a T.
  17. i too was somewhat disappointed with a recent dinner here. for apps we had a wild mushroom risotto cake and a crab salad, both of which were pretty good (i esp. liked the salad). for entrees, we had moules-frites and scallops in a blood orange sauce served with hearts of palm. the moules had a flavorful broth but were on the small side, and the blood orange sauce just didn't work for me at all: its consistency was akin to a meat-based gravy whereas i'd been expecting something much lighter. the scallops themselves, however, were good if perhaps slightly overcooked. baked desserts are displayed in a case. we shared an apple crumb bar that was lightly drizzled with raspberry sauce. it was served cold and was very dry. they do not serve cappuccino so i ordered regular coffee, which was nothing special. service was good.
  18. anyone been by the new location recently? their website now says opening in "oct/nov"...
  19. i really liked this place and still miss it. it was our go-to place on friday nights if i worked late and we didn't feel like venturing far. it closed in early 2001. i heard that the owner simply got married and moved away. a long time ago i tried to track down the chef and if i recall correctly, he was at a place in paramus called bisque[?] for a short time, but then he moved on and i don't know where he is now. now it's an italian joint.
  20. had an excellent dinner at an american grill this weekend. this was my first time there, but it certainly won't be my last. amuse: bruschetta topped with prosciutto and garnished with the most delicious olives...mmmm, i keep thinking about them. they were wonderful. apps: i ordered a wild mushroom risotto from the specials menu, mr p ordered the santa fe firecracker calamari from the regular menu. both were delicious; the risotto especially so...in fact, i keep thinking about that too.... entrees: i ordered another special -- hawaiian pink snapper served with fingerling potatoes and pearl onions in a light fish broth. the fish was perfect: fresh, light, and delicately flavored, which i appreciated after the rich risotto. mr p ordered pork tenderloin stuffed with cornbread sausage stuffing finished with port wine and slices of granny smith apples. i enjoy pork, but this is not a preparation that i'd normally gravitate toward, and yet...i really loved this dish. mr p did too. i should mention that portions of all of the above were quite generous, but i still fully intended to order dessert. before i had a chance, however, we were presented with a beautiful plate of mini cannolis -- six, to be exact. and they, too, were delicious. we ended our meal with an excellent cappucino (such a rarity). service was friendly and attentive. and lou, it was so nice to meet you. your restaurant is wonderful. don't change anything! see you soon!
  21. i thought this sounded pretty cool: also thought some might be interested in this: full Food & Wine course schedule is here
  22. i like Melt but here are some others: JC is sometimes called 'Chilltown', so how about 'Chilltown Cheese' or 'Chilltown Grill'. Or just 'Grill & Chill' or 'the Chill Grill'. Good luck Glenn!
  23. pnapoli


    how are these prepared? (i'm going here this weekend and am trying to decide what i want to try!) thx.
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