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    I enjoyed your report especially because it reminds me what I am missing this year. I don't think that you were necessarily ripped off over your purchase. It rather depends what you were sold. I have regularly seen Aristeus antennatus or a similar species, what the spanish call Carabinero and I think Gamba rosada in Catelonia , selling at 70 euros/kg at ports and snapped up by the locals, or perhaps the wealthier Madrid holidaymakers. There are so many names and varieties of these mediterranean crustacians but the spanish like them so much that many are imports from the far east.
  2. Here is a better if less interesting translation of the recipe from the same site.
  3. I am really curious. What is implied by "French Barbeque"? Is it derogatory or complimentary? I am enjoying your reports and am tempted to give the method a go. All my other attempts at losing weight have been abject failures.
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