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  1. I think that Ellen is on hiatus through August, unfortunately...
  2. FWIW, I didn't say "Chinatown" -- I was, as others have pointed out, talking about the amazing Chinese culture that is abundant throughout the city -- not JUST in Chinatown. And too bad about not having the squash courts LOL.
  3. I agree with you, eatrustic. I am a big fan of No Reservations, and especially of Tony's writings and observations, but I was disappointed with the Vancouver episode. Perhaps it's true that the hardest to please are the locals, but as you said, while Tojo's, Sooke, Cioppino's and Vij's/Rangoli are certainly worthy, covering them is certainly nothing new, and Tony's friendship with the chefs wasn't a unique enough angle to make it interesting in that "you couldn't find this on your own, throw-the-curtains-back" way that I love about No Reservations. I actually remember the unfortunate July week when the crew was in town, because I had friends visiting who had flown in on the same flight -- and it was a terribly miserable stretch of seven or so days of cold, pouring rain. Very unusual for July. But why would they even plan to go skiing/snowboarding in Whistler in July in the first place? (Also, that ziptrek place has been publicity gold since it opened -- I swear it's in every show I've seen about Vancouver/Whistler for the past few years. Lucky them, I guess.) I know, you can't have everything. But I really wish less time had been spent on the Uwe Boll/EA-type segments which really don't say much about the flavour of Vancouver. Yes, the film industry employs a lot of people (well, at least for now). Yes, EA's gym and squash courts are cool, but... I mean, I love Vikram Vij. Just thinking about his lamb popsicles makes my mouth water. And those scallop-stuffed tempura zucchini blossoms by Tojo? Wow. But what about the non four-star restaurant scene? The Chinese night market or the hole-in-the-wall Asian places that give the city its flair? The vibrant gay scene? I could go on and on.
  4. Funny, Pao Pao, we must have just missed you as we just got back from a dinner at Lucky Diner. We were quite impressed with both the service and the food. It is, for sure, not typical diner fare. I would call the cuisine "diner-inspired." For me, my personal preference is to leave a restaurant satisfied and not stuffed. But definitely to each his own. Perhaps it comes down to expectations of the word "diner." In any case, as we walked home our collective agreement was that we were impressed and satisfied, given it's their second night. When we first arrived we were greeted in a friendly matter -- and quickly -- and while there were only 3-4 other tables in the house, based on our past experiences here this felt darn near revolutionary. During the meal, our server was friendly, attentive and refreshingly forthcoming when unsure the answers to 1 or 2 of my questions -- going to the back to ask. We started with the onion rings, battered with cornmeal, which had a fresh, unexpected flavor -- but not so "far-out" that it competed with the very idea of diner onion rings. For mains, partner had the deconstructed chicken and mushroom pot pie, which I did not taste but he definitely enjoyed. I had the meatloaf, which was so moist I almost had difficulty keeping it on my fork. I did find the mashed potato presentation amusing -- I called it the "Michelin Man" potato -- but that touch of whimsy was neither a positive nor negative in my mind. Partner also had the pecan pie but I didn't taste it so can't comment -- he finished it with a smile on his face, though. The room is still somewhat the same, with the booths moved and an extended bar area created. I understand that some other cosmetic changes will be made, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the room evolves. I'm also anxious to see their brunch menu. In our minds, a good start. And yay! for service!
  5. Just walked by Lucky Diner with my dog and had a peek -- looks like a lot of hard work going on in there. Good luck -- I live in the hood and will certainly be by this week.
  6. As recently as two days ago, yes they are.
  7. Agree with Deborah. Every time I go in there I marvel at the unique and beautiful wedding cakes on display.
  8. Finally made it to Senhor Rooster's for the first time today. Learned that they will be moving hopefully sometime in September -- to 850 Renfrew I believe -- a larger venue with live music and as described, "fine dining."
  9. That would be great! Unfortunately, I can't find a listing for it. I checked both TLC and CTV Travel. In the regular NR timeslot on CTVT, the listings show the Malaysia episode. Do you have more info on how we can see this episode in Canada? I have Bell ExpressVu, fwiw. ← SPIRO -- it's going to be on TLC at 10PM tomorrow (in place of The Messengers). Apparently, the schedule change was just made yesterday morning, so the listings folks haven't updated their listings yet. TLC is the same in Canada and the U.S. It WON'T be on CTV Travel.
  10. For anyone north of the border, I believe this TLC airing on Weds (the 30th, right?) will be the first time it's aired in Canada...
  11. From what I can see from the street, it looks pretty much the same.
  12. Anyone at the Bardot's opening last night? I walked by all the beautiful people last night sweaty and tired on my way home from the gym. Wondering how it was, though likely hard to tell amid all the red carpet hoopla. . . . (This is purely a personal note, but man I wish this neighborhood could support a more "down-home" venue without the glitz ... a pub would be perfect. Do we really need another plastic people hangout in Yaletown? Evidently, we do. Maybe I just need to move...)
  13. They started moving inside there this week. Paper went up over the windows yesterday. Looks like they're tearing the place up.
  14. There is a stereotype aimed at African Americans (particularly those from the U.S. South). It originates (I believe) from old minstrel shows. I'm sure a google will bring up more information. I'm aware of this stereotype, but I'm not sure how the meal -- served to the masses in Vancouver -- is stereotypical in and of itself. I've certainly eaten more than my fair share of meals of fried chicken, potato salad and watermelon. It's a very common meal where I come from in southern Maryland. (And yep, we eat grits, black eyed peas and collard greens too). An interesting side note about Diner's fried chicken -- I'm quite certain they put Old Bay seasoning in the batter...
  15. Me too, until I realized they've moved just a few blocks west. Can't remember what the cross-street is, but they now have a corner location.
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