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  1. Hi Alton,

    First, very disappointed not to see you at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, I was looking forward to the opportunity to meet you.

    Love your show - very creative and I can definately see how you've pulled a couple of different backgrounds into a career in culinary.

    I was just wondering if you'd have any advice for someone who's trying to break into this industry but doesn't want to be a chef? I'm just finishing my master's in public relations and marketing but don't want to do P.R. per se. I'm working in a wine and cheese shop now selling cheeses which I love but doesn't pay very well. Everyone else in this field seems to have a culinary background and I don't know if it's worth going back to school or if I could make it without the culinary degree. I'm having a bit of trouble thinking outside the box. Any suggestions? Books you can suggest? People I could talk to???

    Thanks and keep up the great show!!!


  2. :unsure: Oh gosh I can't choose...but now that i have the luxury of trying anything on a daily basis (I work in a wine and cheese shop now in Miami), it changes on a daily basis.

    But, here are my favorites today!

    Ossau Iraty - Istara with sour black cherry preserves for breakfast.

    Humboldt Fog

    Munster d'Alsace

    I also love White Stilton with mangos and ginger and morbier.

    but...i love them all :wub: can't wait till I visit my inlaws in France for some unpast. cheeses

    Any cheese lovers out there in Miami, Florida? I would love to do a cheese club.

    Oh yea and check out the cheesediaries.com fab site.


  3. Just thought I should share a fabulous link to the French-word-a-day website. The author is an American expat who lives in the South of France now. She sends out a "daily word" in French and gives a gret translation to the English translation. You then get a little "day in the life" as well as some other information. I've been subscribed now for about four months and I love it (and it's free!) Her site is www.French-word-a-day.com I hope you guys like it...

  4. I think you should make it a point to get outside of Marseilles to eat. When I told my mother-in-law (who is from the South) that I wanted bouilebaisse she said there were only a couple of places around that were worthwhile. Instead we went to a place in Toulon where the fishing boats were docked. Not only did I get the freshest seafood around but got to hear the loudest and most "charming" fisherman speak! When in Rome eat as the Romans do - so we ate fish where the fisherman ate fish!

    All I can say is when you're there take the opportunity to try everything you can and if you get a chance visit a Carrefour supermarket - you'll find a whole aisle devoted just to yogurts and other milk products!!

    And, try to learn a few French phrases and food names before you go...it'll make it a lot easier. I ran around with my little pocket guide to food of Franch by Lonely Planet - it was about the only things my mother-in-law and I could communicate about (thank goodness my French is a little better now!)

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