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  1. Would you please consider submitting a cookie recipe (or possibly this one) to my Holiday Cookie Extravaganza? http://trunc.it/3g862 Thanks! I thought it would be cool to get recipes from all over the world with vegan recipes, gluten-free recipes and just fantastic ideas. If anyone reads this and would like to participate, please do!
  2. I like to use agave nectar and quinoa...and there seem to be so many people that don't use these ingredients. What are your most underrated foods?
  3. Hi, tim! I got your email but am having trouble navigating eGullet! No, I have not found a good chorizo. But I do have a Bermuda Fish Chowder recipe: Yields: 24 servings •4 ounces rum -- black •3 pounds fish -- with bones •3 ounces Worcestershire sauce •3 tomatoes -- chopped •1 cup onions -- chopped •2 ounces butter •1/2 teaspoon thyme •1/2 cup parsley •2 stalks celery •salt and pepper •1 gallon water •2 ounces bacon •2 ounces corn flour •4 ounces tomato puree •1 bay leaf •1 onion Directions: 1.Wash fish and place in a thick bottomed pan. 2.Add celery, parsley, whole onion and water. Bring to a boil and skim fat. Simmer 30 minutes. 3.Strain stock into a clean pan. Place fish on a a tray and keep in a cool place. 4.Melt butter in a thick bottomed pan, saute bacon, chopped onion and thyme 5 minutes. 5.Add tomato puree and fish stock. 6.Bring to a boil. Let simmer for 10 minutes. 7.Separate the meat from the bones. 8.Add the fish meat and the remainder of the ingredients. 9.Thicken the chowder with the diluted corn flour. 10.Correct the seasoning and colour. Colour can be rectified by adding gravy browning. 11.For each serving add: 1 tsp. rum & 2 dashes Bermuda sherry peppers. Serving Ideas: Add some of Outbridge's rum and sherry peppers to this.
  4. Is there any Scandinavian restaurants in New Jersey? Perhaps a food store, or maybe a gift shop? Curious, plus doing some research for an article.
  5. Try contacting Culinary Specialty Produce in Mountainside. They offer a variety of produce as well as herbs and spices. Culinary Specialty Produce, 1190 Route 22 West, Mountainside, NJ 07092, 908-789-4702, http://www.culinaryproduce.com/about/index.htm
  6. Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck has some, as well as Toscano Gourmet in Toms River.
  7. All of you are killing me! I grew up in Bermuda and miss it terribly. I am not in North Jersey, but I can find the ginger beer and Gosling's Black Seal Rum here in South Jersey.
  8. I have Australia, The Beautiful Cookbook...Provence, The Beautiful Cookbook and Mexico, The Beautiful Cookbook. I love them all. I, also, like the Culinaria series.
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