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  1. Would you please consider submitting a cookie recipe (or possibly this one) to my Holiday Cookie Extravaganza? http://trunc.it/3g862 Thanks! I thought it would be cool to get recipes from all over the world with vegan recipes, gluten-free recipes and just fantastic ideas. If anyone reads this and would like to participate, please do!
  2. I like to use agave nectar and quinoa...and there seem to be so many people that don't use these ingredients. What are your most underrated foods?
  3. Hi, tim! I got your email but am having trouble navigating eGullet! No, I have not found a good chorizo. But I do have a Bermuda Fish Chowder recipe: Yields: 24 servings •4 ounces rum -- black •3 pounds fish -- with bones •3 ounces Worcestershire sauce •3 tomatoes -- chopped •1 cup onions -- chopped •2 ounces butter •1/2 teaspoon thyme •1/2 cup parsley •2 stalks celery •salt and pepper •1 gallon water •2 ounces bacon •2 ounces corn flour •4 ounces tomato puree •1 bay leaf •1 onion Directions: 1.Wash fish and place in a thick bottomed pan. 2.Add celery, parsley, whole onion and water. Bring t
  4. Is there any Scandinavian restaurants in New Jersey? Perhaps a food store, or maybe a gift shop? Curious, plus doing some research for an article.
  5. Try contacting Culinary Specialty Produce in Mountainside. They offer a variety of produce as well as herbs and spices. Culinary Specialty Produce, 1190 Route 22 West, Mountainside, NJ 07092, 908-789-4702, http://www.culinaryproduce.com/about/index.htm
  6. Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck has some, as well as Toscano Gourmet in Toms River.
  7. All of you are killing me! I grew up in Bermuda and miss it terribly. I am not in North Jersey, but I can find the ginger beer and Gosling's Black Seal Rum here in South Jersey.
  8. I have Australia, The Beautiful Cookbook...Provence, The Beautiful Cookbook and Mexico, The Beautiful Cookbook. I love them all. I, also, like the Culinaria series.
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