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  1. Oh, and P.S. - habanero bitters? That's hardcore!
  2. I would try going to idrink.com and clicking on the "Enter your ingredients" section. You go through a checklist of what you have, and it'll regurgitate a list of recipes that you can make with your stash.
  3. In Michigan, where I grew up, Faygo was the unofficial state soft drink maker (followed closely by Vernor's Ginger Ale). One of Faygo's most popular flavors was Rock and Rye, and I always wondered if it had ever been inspired by something made with rye whisk(e)y. Any Michiganders (or Faygo cognoscenti) have any insight into this?
  4. I'm about 10 days away from finally having the chance to smoke a butt in my new Bar-B-Chef offset smoker. My big question: should I go boneless, or bone-in? What are the advantages/disadvantages of both cuts? I'm imagining that the presence of a bone might bring the internal temp higher, sooner. (not necessarily what I want) Thoughts?
  5. Recently spotted on a menu at a Chinese restaurant: "Fukin Tofu"
  6. Be sure to check out "Joe's BBQ" on Gilbert Road. Amazing Q, along with homemade root beer to boot.
  7. On second thought, it may have been the SW corner of Power/Macdowell. I honestly don't remember - but it was just south of the Home Depot in that part of town. Either way, check out your east valley phone book.
  8. Former Mesa resident here, now living in Tucson. We used to frequent an Italian grocery/deli/pizzeria called Sanguigni's, located on the SW corner of Power/McKellips. They were going to move soon after we were leaving, but I believe they were planning to stay in Mesa. Don't remember the intersection to which they were planning to move, but I'll bet they're in the phone book. I know you're looking for a place in Scottsdale or Phoenix, but I guarantee that they're worth the drive over, if you have the time. Fresh pasta, amazing Italian pastries and cookies, and a terrific wine section. Sanguigni's is one of the things we miss most about the East Valley.
  9. Nothing to add, but I second the inquiry. While visiting NY earlier this year, I was treated to a damned near religious experience when I enjoyed a sloe gin fizz at the Flatiron Lounge. I'd love to know where to get (or how to make) the real thing, as I also suspect that the Dekuyper's bottling isn't even worth consideration.
  10. I picked up this issue on a whim and read it while flying to Honolulu. At least Audrey Saunders and the Pegu Club get a little publicity, but I was very disappointed in this particular issue. The magazine used to distinguish itself a couple of years back, but IMHO it is now the "foodie" magazine for the tragically hip. Ugh.
  11. Thanks all again for the suggestions. Safe and sound back in AZ today, with fond memories of Giovanni's shrimp truck foremost in our minds. Hope to go back again soon!
  12. Thank you both for making these suggestions! I got hungry just reading about them.
  13. Aloha, My wife and I will be visiting Oahu next week, and would love some recommendations for great food - not necessarily sit-down, formal dining. We've enjoyed amazing out-of-the way places on other vacations, and we're wondering about kick-butt seafood/sushi that isn't necessarily 4-star. For instance, one of the best seafood experiences we've ever had was at the Barking Crab in Boston - I think we sat at picnic tables and had a near-religious experience. Suggestions? Thank you!
  14. The Elijah Craig Single Barrel 18-y-o was given to me by my Dad as a gift at Thanksgiving.....I love it! Interesting on the nose and the palate, during and after sipping. I've since learned that it's quite reasonable, I think around $36 at my favorite liquor store here in Tucson. Don't hesitate to pick up a fifth; IMHO, you won't be sorry.
  15. As I write, what's hitting the spot for me is a Manhattan, made with Knob Creek, Noilly Prat and Angostura's. mmm...mmm....Good!
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