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  1. For non-Spanish, you could try Americas Latin Cuisine & Tapas on McKinney and Allen. I ate there once on a Wednesday, when certain dishes are half off. The food was good, simlar to what you'd find at Gloria's. They have a mixed menu of tapas and full entrees. The atmosphere was somewhere between casual and fine dining, but there was not much of the snotty Uptown vibe.
  2. Thanks so much for the Liberty bar rec! My sister had seen the restaurant from the outside and was skeptical, but the inside was beautiful, the menu impressive, and the food delicious. It certainly made up for the mediocre meal we had at Sushi Zushi. We did not get to Ciao Lavanderia since it was closed on Sunday; maybe next time...
  3. Hi, I am going to SA in two weeks. Does anyone have non-Tex-Mex recs, as my mother does not like tacos and such? Also any brunch recommendations? Close to Trinity U would be preferrable. Thanks!
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