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  1. Stacey was very happy to take pictures. I think the ratatouille picture is my favorite - probably because it was my favorite dish. Too good for words. I'm so glad you all did the boat cruise. It is a great way to see Chicago and very relaxing to cruise the river. ← Thank -you Julie, that was very nice of you. How was your dishwasher arm the next day??
  2. The herbs were grown and brought by the honorable elfin. Great pics, Stacey! Thanks for posting them, Kerry. =R= ← Hi - there where more of us who brought in fresh herbs. I placed them in the vases and glasses for all to use. Dill and tarragon from my mom's back yard. Thai basil and oregano and thyme from mine.
  3. Hi Tammy, Just to remind everyone about the movie. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/13/dining/1...gewanted=1&_r=1 Then the recipe.. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/13/dining/131rrex.html The vinaigrette.......... FOR VINAIGRETTE 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oi 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar Assorted fresh herbs (thyme flowers, chervil, thyme) Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. The pictures all look great!!!! I actually had thyme flowers from my yard.
  4. ← Well the street across from me had their side cleaned at 930am. Three cars got ticketed. Hopefully my side will also have a 930 cleaning. Then there will be plenty of room at 12 noon.
  5. I have fresh home grown horseradish - anyone need it? Works well with tempura too.
  6. I was not planning on either Niles/Ethnic nor Farmers Market in Evanston. If one of the chefs would like me to be part of the buying I'll arrive earlier. Those who are planning to buy at the Farmer's Market, where have you decided to get together afterwards prior to the 1PM - opening of the kitchen? I would'nt mind if I joined you so I have an idea what kind of prep will be needed the first hour we start. I am still planning to bring pre-made ratatouille that will only need a quick warming up.
  7. I have some basil Italian and Thai. Oregano to choke a horse. Some chives too. Fresh laurel and dried bay. Fresh thyme. Indian spices- cardomon pods, cardomon seeds, Ground coriander and cumin. I have a small amount of duck fat. About a cup. Fresh lemon grass. Fresh Rosemary. Kosher salt, sea salt, grey and some pink. Hungarian paprika hot and sweet. Does any one need chicken broth? I can make a batch - 1 quart 2 quarts? PM - me if you need something special. I may have it.
  8. I have strainers, 4 sizes. Medium colander ( size of a cabbage ). I'll bring my Cuisineart. Mandoline, whisks, spatulas. A tool chest of items, peelers, thread, string, scissors, poultry pins, cutting boards. Any idea of the recipes??? - Out of towners - Chefs - pm me if you need something specific.
  9. I'm looking forward to being a Sous chef, I just had my knives sharpend. I will bring as many utensils, gadjets, mandoline, graters - etc. Should I participate in the Farmer's Market ? If not, what time would you like me to be part? After the purchase when the menu materializes? Our entrance to the kitchen is at 1pm , right? This will be fun, but I'd like to prepare, with what you may need.
  10. This is karen who's having the Bread Workshop on Friday 8th. I've given Tom the info by personal pm. FYI - I'm in the Old Irving Park neighborhood - close to Smoque. Off the Montrose EL - stop / Blue Line. 2 stops on the Metra - Northwest Irving Pk. line and about 4 stops on the Milwaukee - Metra Mayfair stop. Also , where the Kennedy and the Edens split. 90/94 This will give everyone an idea , of suggestions for our out-of towners what to do before 12noon when Tom wants to start the workshop.
  11. The Metropolitan is in the Sears Tower - it is a Business Club. Go for the meal and the view. Why not? My brother many years ago use to be the Exec. Chef at the University Club.Chgo. The clubs have high standards, it will be a corporate setting tho. Tacos, hotdogs, Polish, Italian Beefs, pizza, asian? Just ask you will get lots of suggestions, keep in mind most of these local places are in neighborhoods not within the downtown area. If you want downtown let us know.
  12. Ronnie, Please add me to the Violet Hour Thurs. Night Waitlist. - Since it's that late I have time to unwind from my work commute in Rolling Meadows . Looking forward to meeting everyone. If it happens great.
  13. Chef's ... I would like to be part of a team - I'm a good cook with good knife skills. I am not in the industry, yet I did take an introduction to culinary skils at CHIC. 30 hours of kitchen basics. I can bring a mandoline, good assortment of tools. Aprons A professional emulsifer. I am local in the city, just off the expressway where 90 and 95 meet (the junction.) Very close to Smoque BBQ. I also have coolers. With the menu above I still don't see a vegetable entree ( no I am not a vegetarian) so I may still make the Confit Byaldi - Thomas Kellers Ratatouille. It's quite good, and with the summer vegetables in their peak it would be nice. I guess I would prefer the Amuse or the Soup team.
  14. Option 2, 3.,and 4 - seems the most interactive and most fun. Yes this is my first gathering, I look forward to it and appreciate the past production procedures of Option 4 . It may depend on the dish too. For instance , ( and I hope I'm not jumping too far ahead ). I was thinking of making Keller's Confit Byaldi ( Ratatoulle ). This can work easily with all options. But, it would be more enjoyable to do this with others. Likewise I love, love , love to do prep work. So working with a team on their dish would be just as satisfying.
  15. Tom I would like to attend. Could an all day event till 5:30 be practical if one also wants to attend Lao Sze Chuan in Chinatown? No mixer. But I have simple practical equipment. I like straight forward bread. Rye, Brioche, French and a Focaccia. I have only one oven. thanks for offering to do this - Karen
  16. Ronnie, please add me to Friday's dinner. Just one. - karen m
  17. Hello Ron - if it's no too late. Can I participate for the Saturday event? Add Scott too.
  18. I also picked up a free range 11 pound turkey from a farm in Indiana. I rinsed it and double bagged and it's in a cold spot in the fridge. The turkey is not fat. I plan on brining the night before then air dry it. I saw Martha Stewart place a butter soaked cheese cloth on top of her turkey. While cooking. I may do that too. My BIG question is ... this turkey still has some dark spots under the skin. they are Quill tips. Looks like I will need to needle and tweezer these specks out. I tried to squeeze out, and a black mucky stuff comes out. I hope the brining will bleach out some of these speck. Any body out there ever have such a fresh farm turkey still with quill tips? Any suggestions?
  19. I brought his cook book Wild Food from Land and Sea to be signed. It was printed in England in 1994. No pictures but a very nice collection of sauces.
  20. I had the pleasure to meet Chef White last week in Chicago at the Four Seasons. The luncheon was delightful and delicious, if not squemish to the young ladies in attendance ( piggy trotters). Marco was approachable and very charismatic. I was fortunate to recieve an enormous bear hug from him. Made my day,....um..week. Regarding Hells Kitchen with Marco, it has nothing to do with Ramsey. This would be the British UK version. Marco distinctly wants a different direction from the US Ramsey chaos, and more about the food and a learning guidance from him. He is facinating and seductive I hope he takes on the challange of tv. You can see an interiew he did a couple weeks ago at Google headquarters on youtube, I can watch him talk about sous vide anytime anywhere.
  21. In the Chicago Tribune 14 February. Foie gras fight: Chef Didier Durand hosts his final freedom of choice culinary event featuring 10 local chefs preparing a six-course meal. Proceeds, benefit the Campaign to Repeal the Foie Gras Ban, 25 Feb. at Cyrano's. This is a fyi only, I am not affiliated with Cyrano's just a Chicagoan that is happy to see this event take place. There is a fee check out Cyrano's Bistrot web page.
  22. Bringing the proposed ban to the attention of the restaurants, the public and the government officials will only help. The more media and opinions of everyone can bring the truth and greater information forward. I live in Chicago, and believe that even with our media attention and all the local chefs who pleaded not to have foie gras banned, it still passed in our city government. Now some of the aldermen who at first voted on the ban are reconsidering reversing the foie ban. I truly believe if the alderman were given more information and had more discussions they would not have hastily banned the product. If we had a farm raising these special ducks such as D'Artagnan I would hope that the alderman would visit and or talk to the duck farm to make a decision before voting. From the Sun-Times in Chicago.... regarding one of the alderman. Natarus said he went along with the foie gras ban because he's a softy for animals. "It was a mistake in judgment -- and that can happen to anybody," Natarus said. Bring the information out. Keep the topic open and hope those who have to vote are informed of the product and the importance in many recipes used by the chefs in the east coast restaurants who rely on the liver from D'Artagan farms.
  23. I lived in Wicker Park 1988-1991 . When the Busy Bee was one of the few restaurants near the park. The Double Door was a biker hangout. Stores and restaurants have come and gone. For a great selection on beer, locals know that... D and D Liquors at 2006 Division is the best. For a family meal I also recommend Irazu at 1865 N Milwaukee and Hilary's Urban Eatery 1500 W Division. As for buying groceries, the Jewel on Ashland and Milwaukee has always been a dump. I don't think it has improved. We use to drive to Treasure Island on Clybourn, but that was way before Clybourn became a mega shopping nightmare. As much as Wicker Park has improved and became family friendly it's still the city and I recommend to keep your guard up. I grew up in the city and still live in the city but never underestimate safeness.
  24. Travel Channel,Zero Point Zero, Crew and Tony thank you for deciding to make the Beirut episode. Reviewing the episode again today I just want to say a few things. The trance beat music in the beginning was very compelling. Using the chance meeting with TimeOut editor Ramsay late in the evening was very fortunate filming, having him express the new modern Beirut and his concerns. It was in his eyes. Tony, I don't mean to be impudent I read the Salon interview and Monday's episode regarding Mr. Wolfe the security expert. It sounded just like a John LeCarre novel. Reading about Cold War and spy novels it must be a whole different game when you really need to know several escape routes to stay alive. Seems real cool when reading the spy trade process when in reality you are in a foreign county relying on a baby-sitter and our embassy. The disappointment to only have some KwikPlot in case of a wound. At least he came though and sent you under a truck to pass security and board the ship. I was moved to hear how frustrating it was losing contact, trying to get some news any news in any form when in fact the Guy from the Pool seemed to have the most accurate information. Your right ....BizarroWorld. Usually in each episode you have a meal with a family in their home, this time it was you being the provider for your working family. What film footage you had it really worked. Thanks.
  25. NR crew and Tony - I hope you are in a safe area. Just read warplanes punched holes in the Beirut airport. Just on the news a group of journalists were hit with one person injured. I believe you are all resourceful and courageous. Looking forward to your next email - with hope you are away from the violence.
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