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  1. hathor: i think the alan bates fig scene is in women in love, but i could be wrong..... and my all time fave food/sex scene is the feasting and cavorting (i use that word all the time, gifted) in tom jones. did anyone say 91/2 weeks? thats pretty damned steamy too!!!! xo
  2. tracy, thanks for the info. as a native texan, THAT would have never occurred to me!!!! ROFLMPO! xo
  3. do you consider the two words interchangeable or does one mean something different? this q was posed on another bb i hang out at, and now its driving me crazy. in my head, frosting is thicker and fluffier than icing. opinions or hard facts are both welcome! xo
  4. ElfWorks

    Preserving Summer

    i did mention to you that i would be happy to send you my snail mail address, didnt i? xo
  5. ElfWorks

    Preserving Summer

    trillium (i keep wanting to call you calvin) , ms ferber sounds a smidge advanced for me. i need the basics! lisa
  6. ElfWorks

    Preserving Summer

    well, i wasnt actually thinking lavender with the apricots. i was just throwing it out there..... i have a friend who does lemons and lavender. unbelievably good! sort of a lemon marmalade. lisa
  7. ElfWorks

    Preserving Summer

    redfox... i keep thinking i am going to write that cute tyler florence and ask him to food 911 me and making preserves! (but id like to have a beautiful kitchen for him and his crew!) ;) can anyone suggest some must-reads for learning how-to? lisa
  8. thanks gg!! those sound like something moi would love!!! im gonna have to do some serious checking into these!! lisa
  9. ElfWorks

    Preserving Summer

    you should do all the cherries you can. GREAT GIFT FOR XMAS!! i am not an apricot fan, but the thyme sounds like a good combo! and i love peach and pepper so the apricot and chili would work. any lavender available? lots of yummy things to do there! and again... any extra cherries you may have...... (typed as i sit here eating some just purchased at wfm after having read this thread! got all cherry-jones-y) lisa
  10. ElfWorks

    Preserving Summer

    man o man, trillium, can i send you my snail addy for a jar of those brandied cherries?????? unfortunately, how to do the jams and jellies thing is the one thing my granny failed to school me in. :( i have to learn how to do this (but i am going to wait til i have a bigger kitchen!) i love fig and orange preserves. do yall have fig trees up there in pnw? a friend used to do a strawberry and hatch chili jam that was out of this wortld. and seriously, if you end up with too many jars....... lisa
  11. well, when yall find the perfect lc pizza crust, do let me know! for now, i am more than content with my pizza-in-a-cup! lisa
  12. i just saw a thing, yesterday, on pbs about sandwiches and this place was featured. i thought the idea was wonderful and i went to their site to see if the pb is available here. it is and i am going to go get some this week. lisa
  13. wow. anyone who would want mr gorey for dinner is aok in my book!!!! (i am a gorey fanatic) have you been to the gorey house? lisa
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