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  1. I knew there was a reason we're remodeling without permits. Shhh. Sorry about all the headaches, Jennifer. It'll be all over soon.
  2. I bought mine from The Wok Shop in San Francisco. They carry a variety of sizes, and the prices are very reasonable (though I can't remember how much I paid for mine.) If you're not in the area, they also have a website http://www.wokshop.com/ but I can't seem to find the tamis on their product list. Definitely try calling them. BTW, KensethFan, does your username refer to Kenseth Thibideau from Sleeping People?
  3. i have to say, i've been trying to stay away from the disposables. yes, it's more convenient, but i have serious guilt issues with anything disposable. i try to recycle as much as possible. go ahead, call me a tree-hugger.
  4. jason, a recent favorite of mine has been the lengua plate at habanero cafe on oltorf. check it out if you're in the area.
  5. dexygus

    Almond Cake

    i'll second (or third or fourth!) the chez panisse recipe. it's excellent and easy to make. i had it for the first time at the chez panisse cafe during lunch. i had eaten so much lunch that i told myself i'd just have a bite of the almond cake, served with whipped cream and berry compote. i was almost orgasmic tasting the cake, and i ended up finishing it even though it was physically painful for me. i was actually sweating. gross, but true. anyway, i was thrilled to find the recipe in the chez panisse desserts cookbook.
  6. dexygus

    Texas beers

    i recently tried the st. arnold's lawnmower, and i really liked that. i don't care for shiner bock at all. those are really the only texas beers i've tried since i'm not much of a drinker.
  7. i know what you mean. i can barely speak it, much less read it. back home, i always relied on my parents to order/decipher the menu.
  8. i too love david lebovitz's fresh ginger cake. i've taken to substituting about 1/4 of the AP flour with cake flour, and adding a bit of salt. it's really lovely.
  9. Pacific Gourmet is a bay area wholesaler who I know carries Guittard. See if they'll sell to you. They're very nice there. Sorry, I don't have a phone number.
  10. i like chocolateman.net. he doesn't carry a huge selection, but his prices are very reasonable.
  11. kent, no, the staff didn't ask what cut i wanted, and i didn't know i had the option of choosing a moist cut. my question now is, who the heck wants a dry/lean cut? is it reserved for the poor inexperienced saps like me? bill, thanks for the welcome. i've only seen austin, but something tells me it would be my favorite city in texas, as well. next question: why is magnolia cafe so crowded? i've eaten there twice, and find nothing remarkable about it. the club sandwich had too much bacon in it, making it way too salty, and a pasta dish was non-descript. is their tex-mex stuff better?
  12. i ate there for the first time a few weeks ago, and i didn't notice any attitiude. hostess was nice. our server was actually a little too friendly, more tgi fridays than nice italian restaurant.
  13. Thanks for the welcome. BigboyDan, Yes, I love BBQ. I recently started eating meat again after being a vegetarian for 5 years. I've been following the BBQ thread, and I tried John Mueller's, and maybe it was an off day, but the brisket I had was dry dry dry. My throat was actually scraped up after trying to choke it down. Kent, Yeah, it was the pork shoulder, and it was good. I'm actually drooling thinking about it. I think it's time to eat lunch.
  14. Tremor, Could you point me in the direction of your favorite farmers' markets and farms? I'm looking for apples right now, and Sunset Valley Farmers' Market had only one apple vendor, with only two types of apples, when I was there. I'd like to eat locally, but when the honey crisp apples at Central Market are so much tastier, I'll go with them.
  15. Hi Everyone, I've posted an occasional comment here and there, but now that I've finally settled into Austin (I moved here in the beginning of October), I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Renee, and I'm originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. For a change of pace, and want of a better and more affordable neighborhood, my husband and I picked up and moved into SoCo. We love it so far. I've been trained in baking and pastry, and have practiced it for the past 5 years, and am currently looking for a job here. Since I'm not sure if I want the stress of being a restaurant pastry chef, my options seem a little slim. Anyway, exploring Austin food has been fun. My favorite Mexican place so far is El Borrego de Oro #2 on S. Congress. Homemade corn tortillas, and great tongue tacos. Though I've eaten many more Guisado de Puerco burritos from Polvos because it's so close. Other things I've really enjoyed are banh mi from Ba Le, braised pork from Vespaio, and butter tortillas and naan from Central Market. I can't wait to eat more!
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