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  1. Hi, Just found this thread as I'm getting ready for my first trip to the OBX. Any recommendations specifically for Ocracoke? (Advice for what to avoid welcome, too.) Thanks!
  2. I just tried Simply Home Cuisine's delivery service last night and was very impressed. (SHC is owned and operated by the same folks that run the Thai restaurant, Rice on 14th street.) The take-out store is on U street. I'm not sure of their delivery zone, but can vouch that they do deliver to the Logan Circle neighborhood. My meal was delicious and fresh, and their service is prompt, too! Simply Home site
  3. Mmm. Just finishing a delicious tuna salad sandwich. Is that preserved lemon I taste? Thought y'all would want to know that the daily menu is now listed online: Breadline thanks egulleters for pointing me to this tasty lunch spot!
  4. I saw the obit online and knew I'd find such warm memories and shared grieving here. I grew up watching Julia's PBS program with my mother. She influenced me right away - I remember surprising my parents when I was 11 by cooking them a meal to celebrate their anniversary and hamming it up by pretending I was a French chef named 'Julia the Child.' What a great lady - may she rest in peace.
  5. About that fermented pineapple skin juice...my mother used to make that as a treat. (come to think of it, seems like a bit of an odd treat for kids, but it's not terribly fermented ) ...it doesn't taste like pineapple juice, so i could see using it in a mojito type drink. It's very refreshing and tastes more like hard cider (but less sweet and without any fizz.) It's easy to make, too...if I remember correctly, you just put pineapple skin in a large container filled with water, cover, refrigerate for a few days, then strain and add sugar to taste. I could be wrong about that procedure, though..
  6. Had a scrumptious feast at Kaz recently. Add to the list above the octopus ceviche with ginger (infused? sorry I don't remember exactly) seaweed. Also, the sea trout napoleon (mentioned above) was not only tasty, but also beautifully presented. My meal reminded me to make sure I trek over to I street the next time I have a sushi craving. Fresh tasting, innovative, delicious dishes with elegant presentation and friendly service. For the quality of the meal, I didn't find it too expensive - considering I've plunked down the same or more cash at other sushi joints for a meal that didn't come close to matching the delicate tastiness of a meal at Kaz.
  7. Always wanted to try Yanyu, and this menu sounds fantastic. Would any of you know if they are amenable to substitutions? I only eat sea creatures, so the first two courses would be out, but I hate to be a picky one, esp at a busy time like RW. thanks!
  8. For all you burger enthusiasts, Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but I think they're opening another branch in the old Au Pied Cochon spot in Georgetown. I say this because as I waited for the G2 outside that spot, I noticed that there were many boxes that were addressed to 5 Guys inside.
  9. Hello - I was there a few weeks ago. I believe it's called go fish? (if you mean the place that is decorated w/a London Underground theme) -- If so, this place was great! I was surprised by how tasty and fresh the fish and chips lunch platter was. The fish is a whole fillet - fried perfectly and not overdone. The chips definitely did not seem like pre-made frozen fries. Authentic tasting and friendly service.
  10. hi there, just got back from a beautiful day at the folklife festival. this year, they're selling peruvian chicken with yuca, new mexican food (looked like tacos and enchilidas -- but i'm not quite sure), mid atlantic seafood fare, including crabcake sandwiches, fried shrimp and fried fish with fries...and the haitian fare included a tasty whole fried fish with plantains, beans and rice; vegetarian plate with eggplant, a fried chicken combo (also with plantains, etc.) and corn bread. i think there might have also been a pork dish. there may have been other options that i missed. i was volunteering, so i didn't take a lot of time to explore in detail. i definitely think it's worth going to check out, especially if the weather is as nice as it is today. the crowds were smaller than in previous years, too. oh and i had two limeades. yuhm!
  11. Hi there, If you're looking for a place that serves'em -- I had some very tasty fried soft shell crabs at Full Kee in Chinatown, DC. While I don't usually go for the deep fried kind myself, I followed the waiter's recommendation and got the deep fried vs. pan-sauteed -- it was served with green onions and chilis (and maybe some cilantro? I don't quite remember.) They were incredibly delicious - not deep fried to a burnt crisp in the very least, and easy to eat with chopsticks (something I had feared after ordering) as they were cut into manageable pieces. On the other hand, I had some, nay make that one, terribly disappointing soft shell crab at The Tabard Inn. For one, I think it was precooked and the warmed up - and I didn't care for the sweetness of the sauce it was served with...plus it was ONE crab for $24. For that price, I'd like to return to Corduroy - they do a mean soft shell. (I don't think it's a lot to expect more than one crab for that price, is it?) Hope this helps!
  12. Thanks everyone -- you're quite the informative crowd! I guess I should wait for next year - and mark my calendar for early spring. Speaking of seasonal seafood, I sampled my first soft shelled crab of the year recently @ Zaytinya. It was delicious, but I'm hoping to see it soon on Corduroy's menu, because I had the tastiest ones there last year. chus!
  13. </delurk> Hi there, First post here, and hope it's in the right place. I've been curious about shad roe. I've never tried it, but the past few springs, when I see it in the case, I think I should. But, it also seems like the kind of thing I shouldn't prepare for myself for the first taste. Looks like it might be gamey (is it?) ...I'm a bit of an adventurous eater, but usually only eat sea creatures, dairy and vegetables. I saw it mentioned that it's served at Le Paradou -- this would be a bit of a splurge for me (but not unheard of) -- especially for an experiment. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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