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  1. Too bad they're finicky. Mu Du is great. Quite a varied menu. If there are a lot of people you could try the Railyard.
  2. Bisbee Breakfast Club, 75A Erie St., 520-432-5885
  3. A glorious time of year to be there. It does get cold at night, though, so be sure to bring a jacket or sweatshirt. I'm not good on where to stay (I usually stay at my mom's house), but I did spend a very pleasant couple of nights in one of the casitas at 10,000 Waves a year or so ago. If you don't stay there, and you like hot tubs, it's definitely worth having a soak. And a massage. Other people will have their must eats, but our first stop is always Pascual's for breakfast. Other excellent food can be had at The Shed (lunch, New Mexican food), Mission Cafe and Sweet Shop (lunch, New Mexican food, near the capital building), Sage Bakehouse (sandwiches, cookies, bread), 315 (market-driven food, which makes fall a great time to eat there), Aqua Santa (also market driven), Kasasoba (dinner, Japanese, excellent), Harry's Roadhouse (breakfast, a bit out of town). I like Tomasita's but that might be in part because the food tastes the same as it did when I first went there 35 years ago. It may not be special, but I never find it disappointing. On the high end, I had an incredible meal at Trattoria Nostrani last time I was there. If you can find it, and it's open, try the tamales at Johnnie's Cash Store. Oh, and Roque's carnitas, on the plaza. You can get addresses and phone numbers for most if not all of these places in THE magazine (free, on just about every street corner). If I think of any others I'll come back. The other usual piece of advice for flatlanders, of which I am now one, is to take it easy on the booze until you're acclimated to the altitude.
  4. In ABQ liked both Jennifer James places I went to two years ago. Also had a good meal at Artichoke Cafe. Last summer in Santa Fe, I loved Trattoria Nostrani (pricey Italian, great wine list), Kasasoba (for dinner), don't miss Pascual for breakfast or lunch or both, The Shed for New Mexican food, and I had a really good meal at Railyard (steakhouse, but reasonably priced; interesting wine list). There are many, many other options, and I'm sure you'll hear from people with differing opinions, but there you have my two cents. I've tried Coyote twice in the last three or four years and been disappointed. I'm sure you know this, but I think it's always worth mentioning that flatlanders should remember to hydrate and take it easy on the booze the first night or two (it's high and dry). I can almost smell the green chile, and I'm green with envy.
  5. JimmyR

    Pegu Club

    True, true...but good PR does help you get small but effective placements in major magazines. It's actually amazing how much of what we consider news and journalism is really PR in disguise... In this case, though, it makes me happy! Plus, i learned all about ice and which kind to use for which drink. Very exciting stuff. Nathan, not only do i know cocktails, but I've followed Audrey, her mentors, and the places she's been affiliated with for years. I did not mean to imply that PR alone was responsible for her success; i was simply asking a question - perhaps too quickly. Audrey is smart, talented, detail-oriented, and business-savvy. She sensed a niche in the marketplace that was right for her and her partners ... and she jumped in with panache and professionalism. She's worked hard to get where she is, and the praise for her abilities is justified. It is equally true - just as Megan posted - that strategic PR helps you get where you want to get ... especially if you have a worthwhile story to tell. And the best restaurateurs/mixologists etc. create a team (from FOH staff to marketing consultants) that understand and appreciate their concept - and do everything it takes to execute it well. And baw - it's not the unending praise for Pegu that's made an impression on me (though kudos to them for carrying it off so well). It's the high-level nature of the placements - in tandem with the praise - that makes all the difference. Hope i've made myself clearer! For the record, our ice piece had been in the works for quite some time and it was just coincidence (a happy one from my point of view) that Pegu Club's opening coincided with the issue in which the piece finally ran. I can't speak for any other "major magazine," but as far as I can tell Audrey don't need no stinkin' PR person. Best, James James Rodewald Drinks Editor Gourmet
  6. Can't suggest any wine shops (last time I was in the Casa Sena shop I thought the prices were a bit out of whack), though in years past I've found some nice things at Kikkoman, on the highway to Taos, but only about 15-20 minutes outside Santa Fe (after Tesuque, before Pojaque). That was many years ago, however, so hopefully someone with more up-to-date info will have thoughts. My only thoughts are that the good wine shops in Santa Fe have all closed. Two Santa Fe restaurants with exceptional wine selections, however: Trattoria Nostrani (despite the Italian name, some very interesting French wines--believe it or not we had a gorgeous cru Beaujolais from the mid '90s last summer)--and 315 Restaurant and Wine Bar, where, if the Francophile list doesn't inspire you, it is definitely worth asking if there are any other interesting bottles to be had. And the food at both places can be exceptional. If the timing is right, you might enjoy stopping off at Gruet on your way from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. Some of the best sparkling wines in the country, made by a Frenchmen. You could do worse than picking up a bottle of bubbly and a bottle of their Pinot. Not technically French, but French in spirit for sure. Off the highway from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. Easy to miss, however, so check their Web site and get directions if that is of interest (link included). Don't forget, you'll be at high altitude and in the dessert. Drink lots of water and stay away from those 15% alcohol California reds if you can. I'm jealous. Hope you have a great time. Gruet
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