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  1. It's not pumpkin ravioli...it's sweet potato, but the best of either that I've ever had is at Bernards Inn in Bernardsville. Brown Butter-Sage sauce with toasted pumpkin seeds. Awesome!
  2. Thanks for all the rec's.....we ended up at Pimaan Thai on Kiderkamack in Emerson. The food was good enough...nothing outstanding, but it was the perfect social lubricant over which to catch up with an old friend.
  3. I'm meeting a friend for lunch in Westwood on Thursday...any recomendations for a place to eat? No real restrictions other than that it's lunch, so we don't want to spend an arm and a leg. Thanks
  4. I for one am not particularly sad that the Wild Noodles has left Ridgewood. I treid it once or twice when we first moved here and found the food to be acceptable at best. The noodles themsleves were gummy and overcooked, and the sauces tasted very processed to me. Maybe it was just that particular location, but it didn't do much for me. As for kid friendly restaurants, I feel very particular about the fact that if you have taken the time and effort to teach your children appropriate behavior and take them out at appropriate times, that just about any restaurant can be kid friendly. Gazelle
  5. I don't think so....seems fairly on par with alot of other places. But I suppose that "pricey" is a pretty subjective assesment.
  6. No opening date yet, but there is conctruction going on at the site.
  7. From the website of Silver Oak Bistro in Ridgewood...... "4.20.07 COMING SOON!!! Be on a lookout for Bourbon County BBQ Smokehouse opening early Summer at 529 Goffle Road in Wyckoff (old Clixies). Chef Gary is bringing his Kentucky BBQ from Bourbon County to Bergen County. This will be a Family - Self Service Restaurant with the Best Food and at an affordable price. We are installing a hardwood smoker and redooing the entire kitchen from scratch. We will keep you posted on the progress." I had heard the rumor a couple of months ago, but obviously now it can be confirmed. Oh Happy Day!!!
  8. (Disclaimer - they're a customer of mine) I've eaten there once....end of February I think it was. The night we were there was among the first that the upstairs are was open....they were jam-packed until we left at 10-ish, and showed no signs of slowing. The food is a nice combination of straight forward technique, David Burke whimsy, and NYC vibe. All three folks in charge (Exec Chef Steve, Sous Chef Wade, and Pastry Chef Anina) put out excellent food that is approachable yet has enough twists to it that it keeps the diner interested throughout the meal. And the cocktails are goooooood! It
  9. Oh Man!!! Raul's would be the PERFECT late night food for post-indulgence dining. It kinda makes me want to party in Morristown just so I can stop off.
  10. Hank, please be certain that you differentiate between your inferences and what I actually said. Never did I say, imply, or otherwise indicate that the "other problems" were necessarily dirty. There are many, many things that can contribute to a restaurant closing - all of which fall under that umbrella of "other problems." Yes, some of those reasons may be less than savory, but there are alot of them that are perfectly innocent. I simply chose not to elaborate. You ask, "how in God's name can we not infer that there is something drastically wrong with either Shelton personally or his Inn
  11. Hank, I'm sorry that you feel I have done a diservice to the Ryland Inn and to Chef Shelton; you are ceratinly entitled to your opinion. You ask in your first post "Am I wrong? I certainly hope so." I believe that you are. Nothing I have said (or not said, as the case may be) in any way guides the reader to one specific conclusion or another about the situation at the Inn. And while I appreciate your confidence in my ability to sway public opinion, I think you've grossly overstated my influence. People will draw myriad conclusions from my information; some will take it very seriously, so
  12. So it turns out that my Tuesday schedule became my Monday schedule, so I just HAD to eat lunch at Raul's today. Here is my concise, 5-word review (yes, I counted): Go now, and eat alot. My 3-word follow up review: It's freakin' cheap!! So I, like Curlz, started with soem chicken soup....very very good, freshly made from begining to end. No canned broth here, that's for sure. A nice mix of white and dark meat (pulled directly from the broth-making chicken) in a good variety of large chunks and shreds. Nice big pieces of potato, too. Talk about "Mmm, mmm, good!!" I tried three different
  13. I'm surprised that no one has commented on the closing of two of New Jersey's most venerated dining destinations....The Ryland Inn, and the Dining Room at the Hilton Short Hills. As far as I know right now, the Dining Room is only closed temporarily (albeit a long temporary) while they do some renovation to the space and possibly rethink the concept. After Chef Dennis left, I think "they" decided to sieze the opportunity that was presented to them and take some of the perceived stuffiness out of the restaurant. The Ryland Inn is closed more permanently....they claim the cause was a "water-mai
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