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  1. akwa

    Will Powder

    i have been dealing personally with all of our customers for the past several weeks and to the best of my understanding any outstanding issues have been resolved moving forward, i have learned my lesson, and will be taking an even more active role in making sure that everyone is a satisfied customer i personally apologize to anyone who has been disappointed with their service experience, and can assure you that several drastic steps were taken to correct this lack of superior customer experience i appreciate your feedback; without it i would not be able to help our many customers from around the world please feel free to contact me directly (all of my relevant information is in the previous thread; but i will reenter goldfarb.will@gmail.com 9175184701 you will also be able to find willpowder in select retail stores more to follow thank you wg
  2. akwa

    Will Powder

    in addition i am happy to provide my personal cellphone for any interested parties and can assure you that the thousands of satisfied customers are enjoying their products at this very moment your satisfaction is our only concern and providing flawless service is my personal mission warmest regards will goldfarb
  3. akwa

    Will Powder

    thank you for all the input you can personally email me at goldfarb.will@gmail.com we have a lot of exciting developments and really appreciate the feedback which helps us serve you better i welcome your comments and concerns and value the collective community which i have sorely missed during a remarkably turbulent past few months thank you will goldfarb
  4. almost there look for an exciting event for 20 september with experimental cuisine collective at kiosk farmer lee jones?
  5. akwa

    Room 4 Dessert

    been a long time since ive had time to logon friends romance accoutrements lend me arrears coming soon to a mouth near you
  6. akwa

    Room 4 Dessert

    verizon stinks you can reach me directly through said gmail account cheers wg
  7. a structure for an operations manual for a restaurant a computerized template etc cheers wg
  8. actually the advent of sousvide cooking closely mirrors the timeline of space exploration i dont think space age connotes anything other than timing but these are hairsplitting there is one good reason to support "advanced" techniques with bad results, it can contribute to the learning curve THERE Is NO REASON TO SUPPORT "traditional" cooking with bad results Space age techniques? Sous vide is nothing more than braising in a small, enclosed vessel... Yes it's a handy cooking technique, but it is nothing more than the evolution of old techniques, made more convenient. Cooking over a campfire with sharp sticks? We still do that, it's called grilling or roasting. Cooking in a pan isn't much different than cooking on a hot rock over a fire... Ovens? They've been around for thousands of years... Bread, wine, sauce - all these concepts have been around for thousands of years... I'm definitely not against using new techniques - I use sous-vide cooking often, I make crème chantilly-type stuff without actually using any cream, I've made foams, I'm familiar with the whole range of stabilisers, emulsifiers, gels, etc... and I'm much more familiar with molecular gastronomy than most other professionals, let alone amateurs... (BTW, I'm a professional myself) But I don't make food to shock people, I just make the absolute best food I can. I don't use a technique for the sake of it, I use the technique I think best suits the ingredient. I've known cooks who have worked at places like WD-50, and walked away very unimpressed... Using a technique just for the sake of it, or creativity for it's own sake, is absolutely worthless... ←
  9. looking to find out about traditional chinese sweets wg
  10. hey dude what format do you think will communicate best your vision cheers wg
  11. imho, wd-50 does not need any propping after adam platt picked it as among the best in new york this is actual testimony to the acceptance of this style of cooking (and dining)
  12. with regards to willpowder pricing please enquire as to willpowder bulk pricing with loose quantities over 1# we have excellent pricing, i hope competitive as you can imagine, small quantities are quite inefficient, which is why we are the only people to do it as a courtesy to the industry
  13. actually i did understand the point about economics of chicago with regards to opening the restaurant (just not to its thriving) unless you mean that the restaurant can stay open long enough to become popular i do think that wd-50 is far more progressive than alinea or moto just fewer high tech toys
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