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  1. DiH

    Rapberry puree

    Dump the pureed berries into the toe of a pair of pantyhose, then squeeze the puree into a bowl and throw away the seeds... sooooooo easy. Gloves are recommended tho'. Di
  2. Whoopie Pie Filling 1 C. Crisco 7 oz. jar marshmallow cream 2-3 tsp. vanilla, to taste 3 C. powdered sugar dash of salt Up to 5 Tbsp. milk added a little at a time Cream together the Crisco, marshmallow cream, vanilla, salt and about 1 C. of the powdered sugar. With mixer running, gradually add in the rest of the powdered sugar, then the milk. Turn mixer on high and mix until fluffy; 7-10 minutes, or so. Di
  3. ... and thank you to you too; so glad I could be of help! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Di
  4. Carrot Spice Muffins... 'm'm'm delicious. Hubby sez "excellent"... bummer, I'll have to share! I followed the recipe exactly... well except for sugaring the tops before baking. Di
  5. Pumpkin Muffins... 'm'm'm. The only thing I did differently was to sprinkle the muffin tops with [more] pecans instead of sunflower seeds. Oh, and I also sprinkled 'em with sugar (for crunch) too before putting them into the oven. Nice, thick batter... terrific rise... gorgeous, perfect domes! Di
  6. DiH

    Millionaire Bars

    Pam R, I believe the seventh layer would be butterscotch chips. While googling Seven Layer Bars, this interesting twist came up. Di
  7. Jende, what happens when you hit 40 is that you trade the pan of brownies for an angel food cake. Di
  8. Thanks, Dorie... you're sooooooo fast! Yes, gloppy is a good reason for not freezing... so I'll probably freeze the naked bars, minus a couple for me of course. Those I'll glaze so that I can sample the whole shabang! I absolutely love this book and all the gorgeous photos! What a sense of pride for you. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up with you at one of Dallas' Central Markets while you're here. Di
  9. Wow, those pictures had me wiping drool drips off my monitor! I picked up my copy of this wonderful book the other day and checked out this particular recipe... 'm'm'm'm'm'm. I'd wanted to bake and freeze them (since hubby is on the road 90% of the time) but the accompanying note sez "Because of the glaze, they cannot be frozen." Why is that... anybody? Glaze ingredients are heavy cream, brown sugar, unsalted butter, corn syrup and vanilla extract. I rarely freeze finished baked goods so I'm not up on the whys and why nots of freezing. Di
  10. So true! An el cheapo egg slicer works great too. Di
  11. Too, tooooooo cute... what a lucky kid! What sizes were your tiers? Di
  12. Y'know, actually I lied ... oops, it wasn't Chefette's recipe afterall. Sorry about that. Turns out that the recipe I use is by Jacques Torres: 16 oz. sugar and 1/2 C. water, cooked to hard ball stage. Add to 6 whipped egg whites, then toss in 20 oz. of butter, cubed. To this I also added the 8 oz. cream cheese at the same time as the butter. Di
  13. Okay, I couldn't stand it any longer... just finished making a batch, adding an 8 oz. pkg of cream cheese to Chefette's previously posted IMBC. All I can say is O. M. G. This is the most awesome Cream Cheese Icing I've ever tasted!! Di
  14. Tweety69bird, how did that turn out? Di
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