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  1. Has anyone been to Don Alfonso recently and does it live it up to it's excellent reputation? Does anyone have any other suggestions in this area - especially anything simpler and less expensive? Many thanks
  2. Many thanks for all suggestions - I should have added that I would be interested in all general food excursions rather than just restaurants so all are gratefully received Got hold of The Food and Wine Guide to Naples and Campania and it looks fantastic I knew nothing about this area before but am getting the idea that the overall standard of food served in restaurants will be good....?
  3. Staying in Marina di Camerota for a week and looking for simple trattorias serving traditional, local fayre. Is there a distinctive regional cuisine? Any suggestions from Maratea to Agropoli would be very welcome. There was a time when going on holiday to Europe offerred a good excuse to go crazy at the high end. Now, with the state of the pound v. the euro it is literally cheaper to go to the top London establishments which is saying something.... Still I could be tempted if there are any suggestions. Thanks
  4. Many thanks for your reply Maureen Sorry, I cenrtainly didn't want to knock Heinz Beck, it was simply a question of "when in Rome"... I am very intereested in the Piperno suggestion and may well opt for there but could you just tell whether you would describe L'Altro as Roman (or even regional Italian based, or is it more sort of "internationalised" high end cuisine as at Enotecca Pinchiorri in Florence?
  5. Can't find much about this restaurant except having seen its 1 star in Michelin. Not always sure about Michelin in Italy but their ratings do seem reliable. Having looked through many of the others recommended on egullet it looks like many of them seem to have quite a few "off nights" and as I am there for one night only, I want to make sure it's a good one. Would be delighthed to have any other consistent mod/high level recommendations as well (La Pergola is too high unfortunately.....and the chef is German anyway I beieve) many thanks to anyone that can help
  6. Could anyone recommend me any such bistros or point me to any other threads which may be useful? Chez Maitre Paul has been recommended but has anyone been recently? Many thanks if you can help and sorry if this has been covered already!
  7. Many thanks for everyone's help - especially Pelayin with driving directions and all - look forward to getting to as many of these as possible! Will report back in August
  8. Thanks a lot Victor. This information is priceless! Naturally I will report back. Any more comments from anyone????
  9. Has anyone eaten anywhere in this area recently? I see that El Corral del Indianu and Casa Marcial in Arriondas appear to be the top resturants in the area but is this still the case? I would also be very up for finding out about any (hopefully) Rafas style more rustic establishments serving local seafood if at all possible.......? Any reccomendations very welcome, either up or downscale Thanks
  10. Has anyone actually been to Calima yet? I can't find much about it or even the hotel on web. I may have the chance to go next week. thanks
  11. Anyone know where to get fresh chick peas in London? Also looking for the likes of fresh haricot and borlotti beans.
  12. Did anyone see who AWT is up against next week? Surely he can't win can he, whoever the other one turns out to be?? And as for his chances of beating the likes of Marcus Wareing in a final if it did come to it....
  13. Thanks Viking. Can you tell me anything else about Gamvik as regards prices/booking/formality and barrio?
  14. Anyone got any more recent info on Colibri? I can hardly find anything on it re type of restaurant (eg formal/informal), menu (rustic/nuevo), prices etc. Shoud I choose there or Hisop? Already booked in at Cinc Sentits and plan to follow Silly Disciples essential top 10
  15. Great series of posts Silly D. Doesn't sound much like Kitchen Confidential there (which is literally all I know about cooking schools). Just wondering what level the trainee chefs have to reach to cook for the restaurant? I was planning to visit soon.
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