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  1. Babbo's policy is definitely troubling. At Lespinasse, I had the waiter bring out another bottle of sparkling water when we didn't ask for it. However, they did not charge us for the extra bottle of water. Lespinasse is truly one class act.
  2. Douglas Rodriguez used to own Aquarela located at the El San Juan in Isla Verde. In spite of the numerous praises about this restaurant, it closed down in six months because many found it too "bizarre". In San Juan, if you're looking for that type of food, there is Parrot Club. It's located at Fortaleza Street in Old San Juan. Their signature dish is the tuna with rum orange sauce. I would recommend Parrot Club if you're looking for Nuevo Latino cuisine. However, I've noticed that the last time I was there, their food was not as good as a few years ago.
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