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  1. retail price is high. it is $8 for a box of 500gr. it's high but worth it! do you think we might have a chance? shall i call this store? grazie!
  2. ciao! we are Gustiamo and import pasta Latini in America. in the Bronx, to be precise. not near Las vegas, unfortunately. i am not aware of any store in Las Vegas which sells pasta Latini. if you think there is a specialty store there who would be a good fit for this great pasta, pls tell us and we'll contact them. Beatrice @ Gustiamo.com
  3. Alberto, we ran out of the Miracolo di San Gennaro. When we closed our last container in late November, Sabatino was still not ready with his Summer 2004 new babies. Such a treasure... we miss them, too. They'll be back in late February, though. In the meantime, we are loving the piennolo vine tomatoes, different than the San Marzano, but as spectacular. These are the babies of Giovanni Marino, from the Mount Vesuvio National Park. Do you know them? Beatrice of Gustiamo.com
  4. Stephen, it will last for at least a month in the refrigerator, wrapped in a plastic film. I really has a long life. The worst it could happen to it is that it becomes too dry. If that happens, use it as a pasta sauce (thin slices of bottarga marinated with peperoncino, parsley, minced garlic, capers, ev olive oil - I add some dry bottarga, as well) and it'll be fine. The time of boiling the water and the best sauce is made. Grazie for asking, B.
  5. I just read. Thank you so much for mentioning our website. Even more for saying that we are nice people. I can't agree more! If you need some information about tuna or bottarga, just ask. Of course, I'll tell you that ours are the best :-) B.
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