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  1. ST Viateur is on my list as well. I've heard about those bagels. Tourtiere - I know it's summer and it's only a meat pie. But I'm an Aussie. I wanna see if the canadians do it as well as us. ;) If you know of any place that serves it - i wouldn't mind checking it out one afternoon.
  2. Carswell - THANKS SO MUCH!! I'm traveling with my hubby. I'm also pregnant so I cannot partake in wine, soft cheeses or foie gras or sushi. ALL MY FAVOURITE THINGS! Budget - all over the place. We don't mind splurging on a few fine dining spots. As well as moderate/budget places. I've been known to squat in a makeshift stall in asia to eat durians so I'm just all about the FOOOOD. Anyone else wanna add anything, that would be great. But Carswell, your input has been invaluable. Cheers Cheryl
  3. Aussie Foodie going to be in town for 9 days and was wondering if you could help with some local suggestions and must eat spots! WOuld love to try tourtiere, poutine, bagels, good bakeries, good french bistros, and with a little fine dining thrown in. Basically where would YOU eat as a local. Here's a rough itinery Saturday - will be near Sherbrooke Est. (st Hubert) Need a lunch and dinner recommendations Sunday - Lunch near Square Dorchester (Bld de Maisonneuve & Rue Peel). I'll be taking a tour from there. Any reccs for dinner on a Sunday in Old Montreal? Monday - Marche des Saveurs/Jean Talon Market - Perhaps Tourtiere here? What's opened for dinner on Monday? Tues - Latin Quartier - Lunch?? i'd like to go to the Comedy Festival @ Rue Maisonneuve (Sanguinet) in the evening. Anything near there for dinner? Wed - walking around the Plateau du Mont Royal Thurs - Underground city/Downtown Fri - not sure what i'm doing Sat - not sure what i'm doing Sun - not sure what i'm doing... What have i missed? Am I doing too much in the earlier days? Any help you can give me will be MOST appreciated. Thanks!! Cheryl - looking forward to hitting the streets of Montreal.
  4. I didn't think the T'afia was that great either and i'm not grumpy! It was pretty simple food. I thought that Boulevard Bistrot was muchbetter. I do like the organic and local ingredients but the food was just OK. Sorry to say I won't be going back
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