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  1. Not sure when it is opening but the name "La Bicyclette Jaune" sounded interesting.....it doesn't give an exact location in Provence, but there is a website. www.labicyclettejaune.com
  2. Cinc sentits would be a good choice although I wouldn't consider it as traditional Catalan/Spanish cooking, although it incorporates elements of Catalan cooking. ← One other problem I am finding is that several of the places of choice are closed for August!
  3. Unfortunately I can't address your main query unless you head into Barcelona. Sorry, I should clarify...we will be heading into Barcelona from Sitges for the one night. After reading through the various topics on this forum I am leaning towards Cinc Sentits....would I be correct?
  4. We will be staying in Sitges with my sister for a few nights and have secured a baby sitter for one night so the four adults can dine out...... One night, one meal, no really fussed about the cost, location would be good on the central/south side of the city...not really too fancy but very good authentic Spanish/Catalan cooking with a great atmosphere. A night to remember! Many thanks, MAP
  5. We are heading back to San Francisco and Wine Country in April with a young chef from the UK. He is interested in seeing the "best" French/Mediterranean influenced places as his first priority however other suggestions would be welcome. Two Lunches & two dinners in the city, two lunches & two dinners in the country. Many thanks.
  6. After all the festive fare we are thinking of heading out for a simple bowl of pasta this week. Vancouver or Westside where does one find the best pasta dishes? It seems most "Italian" restaurants do not have many pasta options on their menus. Who is serving up the tastiest bowl of noodles?
  7. The Zin was 85 for the bottle.
  8. We had a couple bottles of the Robert Allan Zin last night at Bacchus and our group were very impressed with the quality of the wine, very smooth no harsh after tastes. We decided to attack the white at our Christamas lunch next week.
  9. Thank you so far! Good suggestions....Grandma is coming however I find most restaurants these days (especially in the summer) are quite accomodating, our children don't mind trying different things. I guess middle of the road type places, not fine dining, not Olive Garden type but quality comfortable dining with the family. Hope that makes sense.
  10. Heading to San Francisco with the kids ages 9,7 and 1 for the Labour Day Weekend and am looking for some nice dining options with the family. We will probably be staying near Union Square but will have a car.. Thank you.
  11. Without a doubt....Patisserie Bordeaux!
  12. Jamie - I read the magazine version of your article and it was very good. Your review of Henry's makes be anxious to try it out. Sometimes I wonder if when you come across a place like Henry's - if you ever think to yourself "you know - I think that I am going keep to this place to myself." ←
  13. We are heading over to Bacchus tonight for Chef Parson's Bistro Wednesdays, good food & good wine, hopefully it won't be too busy I know on Fridays there can be quite a line up. Will be looking out for Kurt & Goldie (and Mr Talent!) Pam
  14. I would agree with Bacchus, skip Le Soleil and take Jamie up on his preffered rates for egulleters at the Wedgewood. Save your umbrella! MAP
  15. After a good spin on the bike coming in to a hot Bean Size Latte and a warm bowl of Russian vegetable soup & crusty loaf is most pleasing. I especially enjoy the Bean around the World locations on West 10th and Main Street a real energy in the people hanging out there and the coffee is real. Interested in other peoples favorite coffee spots in and around the city.
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