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  1. Blue Island Sushi (upper scale conveyor belt sushi) in Fed. Way just opened last week. They had a sushi machine that makes the rice balls but not the rolls. They don't use it all the time though. You may want to call them to see the machine in action. This place totally copied Blue C, but it's actually better than Blue C so far. They use Hikari premium rice for their sushi, run by Koreans but good quality sushi, very creative rolls. I saw the sushi roll making robot machine in Paris, at Lo Sushi. Costco also used to have it but it's no more. -Moose
  2. Yup ... Granville will be slow, but a much better alternative ... unless of course you're interested in what the world looks like 50 feet beneath Cambie Street A. ← Thank you Daddy-A. The Granville traffic was better than expected, not bad. Had some bad food, but enjoyed dim sum at Kirin (Alberni) and some good delivery from Hon's (beef chow fun and fish congee for the babies). They really know how to do delivery well, everything was perfectly packed with tight fitting lids, outer plastic bag twist tied so nothing leaked out. I love it that you can get almost any meal delivered in Vancouver. Finished off the trip with some Mondo Gelato and a smokie on Robson. Kids enjoyed the Stanley Park mini train and the Kids Market at Granville Island. Also picked up many boxes of Barilla bread sticks and Tylenol with Codeine from Urban Fare. The 1:1 Can$ ratio was a shocker! -Moose
  3. Greetings. We are headed to Vancouver this weekend and usually take the Marine View to Cambie Bridge into downtown. With the construction, is it better to head in via the main route (Granville bridge)? Want to avoid traffic/wait time as we are travelling with many little toddlers. Our destination is the Sheraton Wall Centre. Thank you. -Moose
  4. Thanks Dave. I'll check it out and the food. -Moose The external atmosphere is "strip mall". On the plus side, parking is no issue. Inside, it's nice. Not fancy, not really "event" level atmosphere, but defnitely a nice restaurant. It will also probably be crowded. --Dave ←
  5. Re: Szechuan Chef What's the atmosphere like there? I'm looking for a place to hold a large function soon and looking for something other than the usual Sea Garden Bellevue. -Moose
  6. Sorry to hear that Kiliki. But, congratulations on your wedding & lovely honeymoon! We went to Paris for our 1st Anniversary and loved going to all the pastry shops. The few times that I went to Canlis was when our CEO picked up the tab or we were entertaining Japanese clients. We ordered rice and tsukemono with everything and they were very accomodating. This was before the remodel and I thought the food was great back then. -Moose
  7. It's September, so it should be safer to eat raw oysters again. I want to eat some Virginica oysters at Union; Seattle Homes magazine has a well written article about oysters this month. Check out their online article here: Seattle Homes - Pearls of Wisdom - Know Your Oysters Try to read the actual magazine if you can, it has a really nice layout of recipes and such. Above article includes the mignonette recipe, regular and frozen. Love the frozen version at Elliott's. -Moose
  8. okay, thanks kiliki. BTW, the next Albert Lee Scratch & Dent Sale is in November. -Moose
  9. DRColby, Old topic, but do you still like your Miele dishwasher? Have you had any problems with it? I'm tired of my kitchenaid appliances breaking down, not to mention my Maytag Neptune washer breaking down twice. p.s. On another topic, I bought some fresh Fluke (my dad's request) at H Mart last week, cost me $50 for one fish. At least they fillet it for sashimi and gave the bones for a spicy fish stew...... -Moose
  10. That would be the clever frozen balsamic vinegar concoction. It is excellent with raw oysters. I too, only eat oysters during months with "R"s in them....... -Moose
  11. You can buy basic kitchen stuff at IKEA for really cheap, but it's a bit of a trek from the U-district if you don't have a car. Cast iron pans can also be purchased from REI (REI.com) or from second hand stores. Pike Place has a cutlery store that sells nice knives like Global. I have some extra drinking glasses and such, PM me when you get to town. Good luck. -Moose
  12. ...I agree, I would skip Bellingham and Chuckanut Drive. Alternative suggested route: Seattle-Vancouver (Victoria if time)-Okanagan/Kelowna-down South to Winthrop/Cascade loop-back to Seattle-then, less than 4 interesting hours of driving through Astoria and down to the Oregon Coast to Cannon Beach (Seaside if time allows). Cannon Beach is a terrific/charming small beach town that you will love. If convenient, you can fly right out of Portland (PDX) afterwards. -Moose
  13. Hi, if you want to visit Okanagan Valley, I recommend Kelowna BC. The Lake is beautiful, and you can visit the Summerhill Winery. The restaurant there has cold smoked pork plate to die for! The whole area is very worth visiting, but the drive can be long. -Moose
  14. I don't know if Chef Kerry Sear actually read this thread (I forwarded to him), but I did receive an e-mail from him thanking me for sending it to him. I hope he has read it. -Moose
  15. That was a nice article. I was able to get some hot buns on my way to the Koolhaas library. Beautiful shop, nice workers, excellent location. I enjoyed the chocolate walnut bun and the classic pecan. I think the oven was having an "off" day, the croissants were all charred, funny that they were still displayed in the case as it made the other buns less appealing. I never had a brioche sticky bun before so it was a very nice treat. Peace in the New Year! -Moose
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