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  1. Hi everybody - need a bagpiper at the 2008 Heartland Gathering? I'll check the calendar and my other half, devilkitty, and see if we can come. phoebe
  2. An excellent Japanese restaurant in Novi deserving of mention is Aji Shin (probably not spelled correctly) located on Grand River about a 1/2 mile east of Novi Rd on the north side (in a strip mall across from car dealership) People start arriving 10-15 minutes before they open, and form a line. When the doors open, there are enough people lined up to fill the place. The vast majority of patrons are Japanese. They have noodle dishes and terrific sushi - very fresh and the best value in town - balancing quality, portion size and price. An earlier inquiry about Shiro's location - they are on 9 Mile Rd approx 1/2 mile east of Novi Rd. I very much miss Ny's Thai as well - and replaced by a Pasta place?!? !?! I'll have to check out China Cafe in the same area. Another good middle-eastern place in Novi is Pita Cafe. It is in the mall near Steve & Rocky's. (southeast corner) I have not been to some of the newer places in Novi, like the Fondue, Carribineri's (sp??) or Gus O'Conners. There are also some interesting places tucked in the new "Main Street" complex near Gus O'Conners (the building that houses the Mongolian BBQ). One that I plan to go to sometime is a Bi-Bim-Bop type place (I forget the exact name)
  3. Tentatively add Devilkitty and I to the list. I will probably be bagpiping at St. Andrews Games in Livonia during the day Saturday, but happy to come eat the fruits of everyone's labors.
  4. Perhaps Motown Coney and Grille? here's a url http://www.motownconeyandgrille.com/
  5. Not sure if it is still around, but there was a nice Polish restaurant in Hamtramck that had wonderful duck's blood soup and dill pickle soup (the most memorable items from my 18 years ago experience) If you don't mind the drive, Tony Packo's in Toledo, OH has good Hungarian food and is fun. http://www.tonypackos.com/
  6. Angels Cafe in Ferndale is good and inexpensive - I found the 'small' plates to be plenty and they run $10 or so. located on 9 Mile Rd just a few doors west of Woodward Ave. Metered Parking lot in rear phoebe
  7. Have you gotten birds from: Britten Turkey Farm (419) 874-6624 10700 Roachton Rd Perrysburg, OH 43551 Many of my Toledo area friends get their turkeys there. Or used to... http://www.toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/a...mplate=printart This article mentions that Britten's closed last year. I know the owner is in poor health. The article mentions a couple of other farms in the area. phoebe
  8. Looks like it is time for a ROAD TRIP!!!
  9. icecreamparty, have you been to Angel's Cafe in Ferndale? They have great food and are reasonably priced. (dinner hours M,WThF,Sun, lunch and dinner Sat, closed Tu) Also, just down the street May's thai is a good deal. We order carry-out for lunch fairly frequently (once a week or so) Christine's over by 9 Mile and Hilton(?by the RR trax) is pretty good, though I have only eaten there at lunch time. Pita Cafe is yummy and reasonable too - Greenfield just south of 696.
  10. Wow Went to Angel's Cafe for dinner yesterday and found a restaurant in transition Chef Keith Pierce is in the process of changing the menu, adding a wine license and remodelling the establishment. He plans to launch the new menu in the fall - offering old favorites and new tastes. The front will remain dining, and the rear will be modified into a wine bar. He is making the changes in response to customer feedback - requests for wine and smaller portions. He is of Italian heritage, reflected in his menu. To sample his menu, last night I ordered two "small" entrees. These were both still very hearty servings - I only tasted the second and took it home to devilkitty. The meal started with fresh-from-the-oven bread. Excellent from the aroma to the last crumb which mopped juices from my second entree. The first entree that I tried was Florentine Cheese Ravioli in Nutmeg Bechamel topped with portabello mushrooms, broccoli, pine nuts and romano cheese. This was delicious - the bechamel was frothy and aromatic, the ravioli were perfect and flavorful. The dish was well balanced - each ingredient spoke up for itself, and was present in every bite. Needless to say, the plate went back CLEAN. The most amazing aspect of this creation was the price - less than $10!! The second entree was Garlic Chicken with Sundried Tomatoes & Artichoke Hearts - generous chicken breast encrusted with toasted & fresh garlic, parmesan cheese and topped with sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and cous cous. This was an excellent dish - particularly if you like garlic - the doggy-bag serenaded me with the sweet aroma of garlic all the way home to devilkitty. The chicken breast was browned nicely on the outside and perfectly done inside - with cloves of garlic tucked in. When I took my first bite, I was sorry that I had filled up on the ravioli dish and left no room for the chicken. Well, at under $10, I can afford to return very soon. The soup-de-jour was a chilled berry - available before or after the meal. I opted for after. The soup was very charmingly presented in a flowered coffee cup with matching saucer. The soup had a lovely pale purple froth on top with a shell shaped crispy cookie garnish. My first cool sip of this very pretty concoction netted a warm blackberry surprise. Delicious! The soup contained more warm berries and a sliced strawberry garnished the plate. The two entrees and lovely berry soup came in under $25. Wow! Angel's Cafe is definitely still around, and worth a visit. The restaurant and the website are both currently in transition, so I'd recommend calling ahead to make a reservation. Chef Keith mentioned painting and remodelling in the near future, so this may mean closed doors for a few days. Since I work so close by, I will certainly be visiting again soon. Devilkitty and I may take his folks there for dinner next month for their anniversary. phoebe
  11. What a great time - food aside, it was very nice to meet people so now I have faces to go with usernames. I've been a lurker mainly, but this event has lured me out of hiding. Jason was kind enough to change my username, so I am now mrs_devilkitty as my husband Charlie refers to me. Though I've lived in southern MI most of my life, I'd never experienced Zingerman's or the Ann Arbor market, so the tours were a welcome widening of horizons. Now I'm looking forward to future gatherings in the Heartland!
  12. Well, I just got back from lunch - turns out that Angel's Cafe opens at 5 p.m. - no lunch service. So- I went to the Starving Artist Restaurant right next door. Very good with a sophisticated menu. I tried the quiche of the day - carmelized onions with blue cheese (served with balsamic-dressed greens and a bunch of grapes), and splurged on a decadent dessert: chocolate volcano cake (a luscious chocolate fudge torte topped with fresh raspberries/sauce and whipped cream. YUM! I took a carry-out menu in case you're interested (PM your fax number) Don't know if or when I'll go to Angel's - I'll see if devilkitty would like to meet me there after work phoebe
  13. Hey, I work in Ferndale about a mile and change from Angel's Cafe - I'll go check it out for lunch today and report back... phoebe
  14. Cool - I wonder if the lime basil pound cake is still available. Charles and I are bringing his folks tomorrow night (8/14) for a mutual anniversary celebration (theirs 8/11 & ours 8/18) Bon appetit!
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