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  1. WTN: 1999 Chateau Souverain Cabernet Sauvignon

    Oops! Sorry, could one of the moderators delete my duplicate post? Thanks! Jean
  2. WTN: 1999 Terrabianca "Campaccio"

    Andre, I bought this some time ago, but I believe I paid around $25. I have found this to be a very good bargain for a super Tuscan. Thanks, Jean
  3. WTN: 2003 Woop Woop Shiraz

    LOL! It took me a second, Coop, but I got it! Jean
  4. Wine consumption

    Hey, that is who my parents named me after! To the question at hand, I generally have two glasses of wine an evening, one with dinner, and another to sip as the evening goes on. It is fairly rare when I don't have wine, but for meals that might be spicy or not necessarily wine-friendly, I may reach for a beer instead. All the best, Jean
  5. WTN: 2002 Donnafugata “Sedara”

    Hi Marco, I had the '99 Donnafugata Mille e una Notte at a tasting last summer, and I thought it was a most interesting wine. Lots of tar, smoke, and dark fruit...one of my dining companions described it as almost Amarone-like, for what it is worth. It was a lot of fun to be able to try it because, as you said, it is kind of spendy! All the best, Jean
  6. WOW-2003 Planeta La Segreta Rosso

    Coop, I will certainly post some notes on the '03 when I find it and try it. I was out looking yesterday and had no luck! The '02 was in the neighborhood of $14, though. I did manage to find some on sale for $10 and change, and that was when I loaded up. Sadly though, it is all gone! All the best, Jean
  7. WOW-2003 Planeta La Segreta Rosso

    For what it is worth, the 2002 La Segreta Rosso was my "house red" last year. An excellent bargain. I haven't noticed the '03 here yet, but was planning on getting some when I do! All the best, Jean
  8. Venison Dinner

    Thanks for the notes, Bill. I love venison, and your post reminds me that I need to try it with more Piedmont and Rhone wines (I have Zinfandel with it probably more than I should! Not that this is a bad thing... ). Thanks much! Jean
  9. Coming up on one month

    Same here! I never drank in high school. Jean
  10. WTN: 2002 Bellmunt del Priorat “GR-174” Priorat

    Jason, this wine was roughly in the same price range ($14, I think), so I didn't have tremendously high expectations. I have found that I generally like many of the value wines that Eric Solomon imports, so I thought I would give it a whirl! On the other hand, I do have a '99 Alvaro Palacios Priorat "Les Terrasses" waiting in the wings that should be drinking well right now. I may have to open that one soon. All the best, Jean
  11. Wine for Beginners

    I would also add Wine For Dummies, one of the yellow and black "Dummies-series" books. It is inexpensive, and gives you a good introduction to, and a nice basic overview of, many aspects of the world of wine. I still find myself referencing it from time to time for general information. Jean
  12. Eminently Drinkable Plonk!

    Great post, Rob! Here are some $10 or < wines I have had over the last several months that have been very drinkable... France 2002 Domaine Merieau Gamay Touraine - $9 2001 Louis Bernard Cotes-du-Luberon - $6.85 Spain 2002 Borsao Tres Picos Garnacha - $10 2001 Castano Hecula - $9 2002 Las Rocas de San Alejandro Garnacha - $9 USA 2002 Leaping Lizard Pinot Noir Los Carneros - $10
  13. Gallo Winery Peddles Plonk Through PR

    Say what you will about Gallo, but their '97 Barrelli Creek Cabernet Sauvignon is still one of the absolute best bargain Cabernets I have ever tried. All the best, Jean
  14. The future of Piedmont

    Andrea, thanks so much for taking my question. As for my opinion, I am really just beginning to learn about traditional vs. modern styles of Piedmont wine. I think I can appreciate aspects of both. I love the idea of maintaining tradition, but I also love the idea of breaking new ground. Just last week, I had my first Barolo from what would be considered a "traditional" producer (it was a '97 Marcarini Barolo La Serra), and I thought it was wonderful, subtle, and elegant. I liked what you said in the quote that I selected above. I personally think there is room for both styles (and even incorporating aspects of both styles), but like you said, I hope the differences come from the soil. That is what makes things distinctive, in my opinion. Thanks very much, Andrea! All the best, Jean
  15. Hello Andrea, and thank you for taking our questions. Discussions of traditional vs. modern wines in Piedmont tend to generate very passionate responses from both sides. I would like to know your thoughts regarding where you think the future is heading for Piedmont and its wines. Do you think there will be a balance where both the traditional and modern styles can exist? Or, will the modern style become more and more common and eventually phase out the more traditional wines? Thanks very much! Jean