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  1. SPAM is very popular in Hawaii. Nutritionists have been warning Hawaiians for decades that it is detrimental to their health to consume so much of it but most of them ignore the warnings. There are several Hawaiian cookbooks featuring Spam. One is Hawaii Cooks with Spam and it was featured on an informercial a few months ago. I watched for a while because it was like one of those horrific videos of a highway pileup in slow motion where you think it can't get any worse and then it does. I had nightmares.
  2. This has been discussed on FaceBook, on Twitter and there are some rather inventive posts with the list of "Official flavors" and some possible "new flavors." Besides the Pumpkin Spice, SPAM® Products To Add Flavor To Your Food With Our Canned Meat Varieties. SPAM® Teriyaki. SPAM® Oven Roasted Turkey. SPAM® Classic. SPAM® Hickory Smoke. SPAM® Lite. I have never purchased Spam. I ate enough during my few years in the Army to put me off it for life. However, I did have this culinary adventure. I was married in October 1961 and did little cooking until several months into 1962 because we were waiting for our home to be finished. I had a stack of new cookbooks to go with the old ones that had been gifted to me by family. My husband had very little input, not a "foodie" by any measure. However from time to time he would see a recipe in one of his newspapers and suggest I try it. And so it was with "Spiced Spring Ham Loaf" which was printed in the L.A. Times Sunday magazine. I spent quite a bit of time, chopping and mixing and pressing and baking and finally it was done. My husband heard me laughing hysterically in the kitchen, walked in and asked what happened. I stopped laughing long enough to tell him, "I have spent all this time and the result is SPAM!" Then continued laughing. Being a NAVY man, he immediately understood what I meant. As he walked away he said, "I'll call for reservations at the Smoke House." It didn't go to waste. I wrapped it in aluminum foil, put it in the fridge for overnight and the next morning offered it to my cleaner. She was happy to have it. That taught me a lesson and to extrapolate what a result might actually taste like instead of blindly following a recipe because it is published in one of the big papers.
  3. ElsieD, it looks perfect to me. Also, love your teapot. I have a collection of teapots. I never met a teapot I didn't like!
  4. Drooling here! I haven't had watermelon since last summer.
  5. I am going to be parting with one of my meat grinders. I sold the big Northland one several years ago to my friend, Sam the Egg man, who is now raising game birds for the L.A. hotel and upscale restaurants. He make some kind of special food that has to be ground and baked or dried and ground again so he needed the heavy duty one that I hadn't used much for years. When I did catering I ground ALL of the meats I used to make sure the quality was to my standards. I still have three smaller ones but will have to retrieve them from storage and see which one works best. One is a Rival, one is a Maverick (I think) And I forget the name of the other one.
  6. Did he think that was going to speed up his service?
  7. I listed the Bannetons and the couche material on ebay. I checked several sources for prices, which retail averaged between 125. and 140. so I listed the bundle for $80.
  8. GORGEOUS. I am drooling here. Love cheese bread done this way.
  9. I have some baking things I want to sell. NEW! 2 linen-lined Bannetons and extra heavy raw linen couche yardage. I have 2 yards 31" wide. I had forgotten I had these - it has been more than 10 years since I purchased them and apparently "put them away in a safe place" which turned out to be so "safe" I lost them. I have had this HUGE box - my portable fridge/freezer for my van came in it and I have written on the outside "CAMBRO & ETC" as it is where I store the biggest Cambro containers 22 quart and smaller, when not in use. I haven't needed any for years, obviously. I had some other boxes stacked on top. I cracked one of the large lids for a 12-quart Cambro so moved the other boxes off, opened the box, retrieved the lid and then noticed there was an opaque white plastic bag under the stack of the big containers, stored upside down. I pulled the bag out and "discovered" these two, never used bannetons - I had 4 smaller ones that I used a lot - and this large piece of linen couche cloth. I know I bought either 3 or 4 yards of the linen and cut off some because I used to have the floured material in my freezer. The large banneton is for 4 pounds of dough, 11 1/2" loaf. The smaller one is for 3 pounds of dough, 10 1/2" loaf Anyway, I have no use for these. I don't bake that much any more so want to sell them and will put them on ebay later but thought I would offer them here first as I will sell them for less to eG folk. P.M. Me if interested. The weight of the three items in a box 18 x 15 x 9 is less than 4 pounds. You can go to the USPS site and calculate shipping to your zip code via Priority mail. I have to use Priority because I am unable to take packages to the post office.
  10. A lot of people cringed when they learned I paid $4658. for the HObart installed, but previously I had had to replace regular dishwashers (Kenmore) every 5 years or so and during the previous 20 years I had spent that much on the machines, having them fixed and having my floor fixed when one leaked! The Hobart turned out to be a bargain. My friend has used it a lot in his bakery/café and says it still works like a charm 10 years on.
  11. andiesenji

    Ice Cream!

    I have a Lello gelato machine, that is twenty years old. It replaced a Simac that was 30 years old - it needed recharging but it used the old type refrigerant that had been banned. Anyway, last year I experimented with not using heavy cream. Instead I purchased whole milk powder 5 pounds, 2- 2 1/2 pound tubs because I use it to make my cocoa mixture. But I also found that mixing 10 tablespoons of this WHOLE milk powder into a pint of regular milk, and a scoop of one of the plant protein powders (including the "Hemp Yeah" powder), will produce an extremely creamy result that is as rich as the ice cream made with heavy cream. And I can use half the sugar because while the powder is not sweetened, when combined with whole milk, it tastes quite sweet. I have flavored the base with vanilla, with my cocoa mixture which is a combination of black cocoa and regular Dutch process cocoa, with frozen and defrosted bananas, with frozen berry medley, blueberries and one batch with a cup of orange marmalade (homemade). Since I have mostly been doing this at night, because my swamp cooler is not working and I can do nothing during the 100° days, I use a blender to mix enough whole milk and the whole milk powder to fill a Half-gallon milk bottle so I have it ready for use.
  12. When I got rid of my Hobart commercial dishwasher, the friend that wanted it replaced it with a Bosch - at that time the top of the line model. I have been extremely happy with the Bosch, it is so QUIET I can't tell it is on, the controls are in the top edge of the door so don't show while it is operating. The quick wash if 15 minutes and it works great for cleaning but leaves a bit of detergent behind. So I do a SECOND quick cycle so half an hour and I do allow it to cool down a bit - it has its own electric instant water heater so only needs a cold water line. It cleans everything to my standards, which are a bit stiff. I was spoiled by the HOBART, which I had fro 21 years and the 90 SECOND wash cycle with the individual removable trays, worked great for all the years I catered and did a lot of baking.
  13. Use it to fry corn tortillas to shape them for crisp tacos.
  14. This is sort of a baker's "secret" because baker's have accidents too, just as home bakers do. And bakers are FRUGAL, truly! I started worked in my mother's bakery when I was fifteen. At first it was just a couple of hours after school, mostly doing cleanup, scrubbing sheet pans, cake pans, sweeping, scraping and scrubbing the bench, and all the other cleaning tasks where I was needed. Then she wanted me to learn to read the formulas, load the mixers to take some of the load off the bakers so my hours were extended to later in the evening. Bakeries operate at night - back then, in the mid-'50s there was no AC and it was cooler at night in the summers (Wisconsin). There were occasional mistakes. A mixer bowl of dough was stuck into the walk-in and forgotten until too late to fix it and bake it off for that day. Or on one occasion when we had a huge order for our regular bread for the town picnic, two racks were shoved into a corner and totally forgotten. Way overproofed, slack, flaccid dough, dumped onto the bench. Not enough for the big bread mixer so it went into one of the 80 quart Hobarts, along with some water, flour and a quarter pound of yeast (we used fresh block yeast). It was like magic, when the two bakers lifted the bowl and dumped the dough into the small dough trough and rolled it into the proofing cabinet, it was ALIVE! From that point on, it was treated just like freshly mixed dough and it was scaled, sheeted and panned and baked off perfectly. And that is how I knew how to resurrect "ruined" dough. And you can do the same with dough that hasn't risen because maybe you forgot to add the yeast. I hate to see any food thrown away if it can be fixed.
  15. You can "recover" any "tired" frozen dough. Allow it to thaw completely. Cut it into chunks. If you have a bread machine, put it into the machine with 1/2 cup flour and 2 or 3 tablespoons of water and 1/2 teaspoon years. Or throw everything into the bowl of a mixer with the dough hood and let it go until it again looks like "live" dough. I have used this method with dough that has been frozen for a year or more, vacuum sealed. Also works with overproofed dough when you have fallen asleep and not heard the timer.
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